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  1. by   Terrie
    I carried it as a nursing student and I carry it now. The hospital is going to protect it's self at any cost. So I protect my self at all cost. I have not had to use it but with some of the people I work with I am glad I have it.
  2. by   NicuGal
    Yes! If you deviate one little iota from a policy, procedure or standard the hospital will're a dork and on your own! Better safe than sorry!
  3. by   donmurray
    There's an interesting difference across the pond. In English Law, an employer has "Vicarious Liability" This means that it is his duty to ensure that all his employees are fit/capable/trained to carry out their functions. If an employee's error causes loss or harm to a third party, in the course of the employees' work, then the employer is held liable. This does not preclude the employer turning to the employee to sue for any losses caused.
    A weird exception. If, say a mechanic started to smash up a car that he was working on, that is not what he is employed to do, so the mechanic is liable, and the employer is not. The mechanic is termed in law to have been "Indulging in a frolic" Whatta phrase!
    Of course "Go for the deepest pocket" also applies here.
  4. by   pbrn
    Absolutely! I want an attorney that works for my best interests,not my employer's.
  5. by   ds123
    I've carried professional Liability insurance on and off through out my career. There are certain areas I feel I need it more than others. I currently work in an office and mix and administer chemo. This is one place I feel I need it!
  6. by   Hbarb27
    I am a former ICU/CCU nurse and always carried my own insurance. Havent worked in many years and am about to get back into field. I feel I need to have personal professional insurance again. My home insurance company can only offer up to $500,000 coverage for about what i think i would pay for more coverage if i knew of a nurses group insurance company to contact. I live in NE Ohio. Any info for me?
  7. by   -jt
    Ive had malpractice insurance since nursing school. It cost $40/year 20 years ago & just $80/year now. Its so inexpensive its foolish not to have it. You arent going to get sued just because you have insurance but if you dont have insurance & do get sued, the hospitals lawyers first allegiance is to the employer - not you. Also, if you do any little thing that contributes to the hospital or MD being sued, they will turn right around and sue you themselves to recoup their losses - whether you have insurance or not - whether you were sued by the pt or not - whether you have assets or not. You never know whats going to happen tomorrow. For $80/yr, its not worth the risk of financial ruin and loss of my home.
  8. by   Jenny P
    I carry liability insurance and work in critical care. Most of the companys out there today are offering professional liability insurance for between $89 and $104/ year which at $104/yr. figures out to less that $.29/ day or $8.67/month. I haven't seen any big differences in coverage of any of the nationally advertised companies for staff nurses, so I don't think it matters much which one you go with. Just look in any of the nursing journals for their ads.

    In these litigigous days, why chance a law suit for something so cheap? If you make a mistake at work and it's YOUR fault, the hospital isn't going to back you when the patient sues unless you have followed the hospital policies and precedures TO THE LETTER. If the patient is injured or dies due to your error, do you think the family will say "Oh, the nurse doesn't have much money, so we'll let it pass". I don't think so. There are families out there will will go for blood whether you have any money or not. They have been affected and they will make you pay!

    I've made some mistakes at work through the years, and I just feel that rather than worrying for 2 or 21 years (or whatever the statute of limitations may be, depending on where you work and your patient population), this is a very small price for piece of mind. Nursing is high stress enough, why add to it?
  9. by   JustMe
    I've always carried my own malpractice insurance--the hospital won't protect me, the union won't either. The argument about deep pockets also doesn't fly. If you own your home, they can take that as well as future earnings. I think I'm a good nurse, but I know several good nurses who were sued. Even though they win the lawsuit, it costs a bundle for representation. I advise ALL nurses to carry your own malpractice insurance.
  10. by   PhantomRN
    i carry my own insurance as well. i have since i was a student and will continue to do so.

    i was told that when the intial suit is filed the lawyers have no idea who has insurance and who don't. they just put everyone on the list that was associated with the issue. after that is when you disclose if you have insurance.

    besides, as stated above, if they want you bad enough they will take your house and future earnings.

    i have had a few nurses tell me that the reason they dont carry insurance is because it will guarentee something bad happening. i dont think so.
  11. by   nicola
    I carry liability ins. not so much because I don't have faith in my agency, but because I do volunteer work with my church. In a case like that, my agency won't cover me because I wasn't on company time. This protects me 24/7!
  12. by   CaronRN58
    I didn't carry malpractice insurance when I first started working as a nurse. But that was in 1958 and no RN that I knew even thought about insurance at that time.
    Took a few years off and came back 20+ years ago and have always carried my own insurance. One of the first pieces of advice that I got in my refresher course was to get my own malpractice insurance. Am only working perdiem now but still carry insurance. It's cheap at twice the price.