surprised! surprise!

  1. is it possible to do a boulimia diagnosis because the urine tests shown proteinuria and don,t know the word in english (corps cétoniques)?

    never heard about it before today!
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  3. by   P_RN
    corps cétoniques=Ketone Bodies

    For a simple answer to your question. Yes, it is possible. When you do not provide your body enough nutrition, your body will begin to break down body fat . Ketones (corps cétoniques) are the end product.

    Pour une réponse simple à votre question. Oui c'est possible. Quand vous ne fournissez pas votre corps assez de nutrition, votre corps commencera décomposent la graisse du corps. Les cétones (cétoniques de corps) sont le produit final.

    Here is a journal article.
  4. by   Hooligan
    I am in no way a nurse...I'm still fulfilling prerequisites to enter my program however I wanted to mention that a diet low in carbohydrates (usually under 30 grams of carbs a day) will put a person in Ketosis. This is usually a highly desired state when one opts to follow a high protein/low carbohydrate way of eating. I'm not sure of the circumstances in this particular case...but I just thought I'd mention it...

  5. by   wildhoney
    I agree...especially if you're taking about a "non diabetic" pt.
  6. by   lever5
    I am a travel nurse, when I started this last assignment, I have lost 3 lbs. each week that I work, I bet ya my labs will show the same thing.
  7. by   nursy_ann
    for sure there must be other causes for these results.....but what???
  8. by   Hooligan
    Again...I am not a nurse so I really don't know what what else would cause a person to be in Ketosis other than a low-carb diet or perhaps as you eating disorder. I would suggest you speak with your patient about his/her dietary intake. If they are eating a diet high in carbohydrates (i.e., sugary foods, potatoes, corn, pasta, breads ect...) and still passing ketones I personally would do further research about ketosis. However, if they are eating a diet rich in protein (i.e., fish, beef, pork, eggs,chicken etc...) and limiting their carbohydrate intake it seems to me this would be a good indication of why your patient is in ketosis. Furthermore, I know long-time Bulemics can have damaged tooth enamel (from the acids in their stomach after continuous purging) and can also suffer from hair loss (from vitamin deficiency)...along with other bad side effects...does your patient have any symptoms other than presence of ketones that would indicate Bulemia? If not, I'm sorry...I have no other information. I hope this helped...

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  9. by   nursy_ann
    Thanks for the answers.
    I'm just searching a pathology ....she lost weight (50pounds/just a few mounths) and trew up everything she eats...she said that she's not vomiting volontary....but the docs doubt about it. Curiously, I saw her and it doesn't seem to be an eating disorder. She's just vomiting all what she eat without any methods. Talked to her parents too....and they beleive her. I'm confused!
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  10. by   Hooligan
    Well, her vomitting would definately explain the presence of ketones in her my uneducated opinion would be to try to determine if there's another reason for her vomitting and if you can't find any other reason...maybe a psych consult...can you do this? I don't know...

    Sorry I couldn't help you more...aaaarrrrrgggg!!!! I can't wait till I start learning really useful stuff!! I hope someone else here (who's qualified unlike me! ) can help you out.

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  11. by   dawngloves
    It is possible for bulemics to mentally will themselves to vomit. Especially if they have been bulemic for quit some time.

    I have had ketones in my urine for unknown reasons. I was dipping my urine to check if I had a Urinary tract infection, and voila! It was positive for ketones.
  12. by   P_RN
    How do her teeth, and tongue look? Persistant vomiting brings up the stomach acids which can severly damage teeth and mucous membranes.

    Comment vont-ils ses dents, et regard de langue? Persistant vomissant apporte vers le haut les acides d'estomac qui peuvent severly endommager des dents et des membranes muqueuses.
  13. by   nursy_ann
    didn't pay attention of her teeth and tongue.....maybe her tongue is white it normal...I'm not studying to be a dentist lol
  14. by   zumalong
    How old?? Maybe she is pregnant with hyperemesis gravidium. This will cause ketones-wt loss-and may persist for the whole pregnancy.

    50lbs is quite the loss in such a short period of time. I would hope they are also looking for other reasons for her emesis, as there may be something else wrong with her Gastrointestional system.