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is it possible to do a boulimia diagnosis because the urine tests shown proteinuria and don,t know the word in english (corps cétoniques)? never heard about it before today!... Read More

  1. by   nursy_ann
    Today she passed a gastroscopy and a colonoscoy.....the investigation is negative!
    They also passed a pregnancy test negative too.
    We're all confused! Can't beleive the theory of bulimia or is my feeling...she can't have protenuria and no problem at all. What is your feeling?
  2. by   P_RN
    Ann who is this girl? Is she your patient? Did you do an assessment or just listen to her? If so, have you considered asking her doctor to explain the pathophysiology?
  3. by   nursy_ann
    P_RN she was on my unit but she wasn't my patient.....take care of her during my friend's dinner. I'm just so surprised to see all the doubts the docs got that I would like to have her as my patient. I must confess that I'm confused by this case too.
    This girl is ....shy and doesn't like to talk.
    would like to have more time to talk with her about her feelings.
    ann :S
  4. by   RNKitty
    How about a nephrology consult? Glomerulonephritis or something? You can spill loads of protein and still be assymptomatic otherwise.
  5. by   nursy_ann
    It is an idea but...they sent her back home today
    I desagree with that decision...but anyway I'm just a nursing student and I can't tell that to the docs. I would look like a ...well a stupid nurse lol
    But I can't stop to think about it. Really don't want that girl to come back later with more problems cause they decided she's faking!
    I'm so angry! I feel they just didn't listen to her.
    did you ever feel this way?
    Need some advice about how to react...
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  6. by   dawngloves
    Did they at least get a psychology consultation? Especially if they think she's faking?
    My only advice is to get used to it. I've seen so many people sent home that should'nt have been and worried about them.
    And anyone that would discount you as a stupid nurse is, well, stupid!Never be afraid to voice your opinion.