Suggestions for post-interview follow-up with ADM who refuses to call back?

  1. Hello,

    I am a new grad and have been applying to several hospitals in several different departments. Near the end of April I had an interview in a unit that I worked on for clinicals. The interview was with the ADM who seemed very impressed with my experience. She even told me that my orientation might be shorter because of the experience that I had within the hospital and on this floor. Following the interview, she told me it would be about a week to a week and a half before she got back with me because she was interviewing several other candidates. After a week, I called and left a message stating that I was just following up on the interview. I hadn't heard anything back, so I left another message at the week-and-a-half mark. This time I specifically asked if she had made any decisions and that I would appreciate a call back. Still heard nothing. At two weeks following the interview I still hadn't heard anything, so I left another polite message stating the same things as before. This Friday will be exactly 4 weeks since the interview and I have not heard a single thing. There are several positions still posted internally and externally for this specific position and I am very frustrated over the fact that no one has had the decency to call me back. I have not left any more messages because I don't want to be that "pain-in-the-butt," but at the same time, I would really like an answer. At this point I have just accepted the fact that they must not want to hire me, but I still think it is very unprofessional to not make a 30 second phone call to your prospective employees. What are your thoughts? Should I take any more action?
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  3. by   TazziRN
    I would look for another position, then call and leave a message saying, "I'm sorry. I really wanted the position you offered but I was unable to wait any longer and took another position with Politer Managers Hospital. Thank you for taking the time to interview me."
  4. by   GingerSue
    there might be various reasons for this happening

    She might be waiting to hear from someone else before she can finalize selection.
    Is someone leaving the position - maybe that person has changed their dates?

    Maybe she's checking references and that could take time.
  5. by   TazziRN
    But Ginger, that's no excuse for not calling the OP and telling her that.
  6. by   EDValerieRN
    If they take 4 weeks getting back to you, that's just rude. I wouldn't want to work there... if they are this bad before you are hired, imagine what they'll be like once you actually work there. Yuck.
  7. by   omni123
    The exact same thing happened to me. I even asked the manager about the position and she said someone would be contacting me and not to worry. Meanwhile, other people had been getting calls back and took positions on that particular floor. After over a month of calling, I finally got an e-mail and a letter from the recruiter that they wouldn't be hiring me. The funny thing was, some of the people they hired were barely passing some of our classes and I was upset because I have excellent grades, references, etc. So I figured it was their loss. I do think it was unprofessional of them to ignore my calls/e-mail for weeks at a time - so I know how you feel! So I would say you should apply somewhere else - it might just not be meant to be. That's what I did, and I am going for a second interview next week at this other hospital - so far I am actually GLAD because this place looks a lot better overall... Good luck.
  8. by   OneSweetNurse
    I would just find another place to work and stay clear of this place
    dont call back anymore this is poor management techniques and you do not want to work in a place like this how are they going to treat you if you were to accept the position and when you need them in a tough spot they will not be there for you Can you imagin how he/she was with the pts when they were nurses on the floor
    Run run and keep running
    Keep looking and good luck