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I know this has been a thread before, but I had some good ones today: Pt's actual list of allergies: ice cream( not lactose) just ice cream Les Schwab Tire Store-sneezing Shoe Stores( no... Read More

  1. by   BabyLady
    I guess it would depend on HOW allergic you were to something, especially if the reaction was anaphylactic.

    If someone has to actually consume the goods in order to get a reaction....then it's safe for them to eat out.

    However, if someone can take a turn for the worst, just from trace amounts of a product....then I would say it wouldn't really be safe for them to eat out at all...b/c the risk would be too high.
  2. by   southernbeegirl
    Quote from norcalRNstudent
    Had a patient the other day, mid 50's female. She told our triage nurse that she was allergic to Codeine, as it caused rash, and "Cocaine, it makes me slutty." Yes, we documented it, and got a much needed laugh.:chuckle
    omg it did the same thing to me too! :rckn: