Student nurse getting ready to graduate

  1. Do any of you experienced nurses out there have any advice for making a smooth transition from student nurse to professional nurse? Is it as scary as I think it is going to be?
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  3. by   allthingsbright
    I second that question. I'm sceeeered.
  4. by   suzy253
    Might want to check out the classic book "From Novice To Expert" by Patricia Benner.
  5. by   widi96
    Hi. Okay . . couple of questions - do you already work in a hospital setting (aide, secretary, etc.) and how long is your orientation?

    I am not an 'experienced nurse' but I feel as though I can answer your question. I graduated in May and started as a Grad Nurse the first week of June. I had one week of computerized and in classroom hospital orientation and started on the floor the next week. I took boards in between there, so when I started on the floor, I started as an RN. Anyway - I was one of the lucky ones. I am working in a hospital that I have worked at for five years as a tech and a secretary so I am familiar with the people and the procedures. I was given over three months of orientation. The first week of hospital wide orientation, eight weeks of day orientation, then four weeks of night orientation. I felt very comfortable during and after orientation.

    There is just one thing you have to know going into orientation - you don't know everything, and never will. ALWAYS ask questions. I am off orientation and still ask lots of questions. It is just going to make you a better nurse in the long run and multiple heads answering a question are always better than one.
  6. by   RN1989
    Chant this mantra when you are scared: I am the nurse. I am the nurse. I am the nurse. This is to remind yourself that you are no longer a student and to give you confidence when you want to run and hide. If someone asks you something you don't know your reply should be "That is an excellent question and I would like to know myself. Let me check on that and I'll let you know so that we all are on the same page".
  7. by   11202004
    Thanks to those of you who have posted's nice to hear some encouraging words from fellow nurses. I know, in the long run, everything will be fine and work out ok, it is just a little overwhelming to think of being in charge of people's well-being without someone watching over me. But, I also know that it's not like I will be hung out to dry - there will be help available within my facility...