Stuck by Used Insulinn Needle

  1. I was giving an injection this eve, and resident move & pulled up pants too fast, I was "poked" by syringe and it drew blood. My employer is privatly owned and when I told the owner, she stated that it waould cost 1,ooo to have us tested & we should have all the records on this client. I am extremly uncomfortable with that and am not sure where to go from here.
    Any advice?
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  3. by   ICURN_NC
    I don't know all the details, but I am sure that under OSHA that your employer is responsible for testing both you and the resident because of the needlestick that happened during work.

    I'm sure others with more experience will give you some advice, but I'd contact your OSHA office NOW to get this rolling.

    Good luck!
  4. by   adrienurse
    okay what? If you're looking for a sign that this isn't a good place to be working that would be it, I think. I may be naive an have been bred on Canada's universal healthcare practices but how the heck can a couple HIV tests (or whatever) amount to that much? I do hope you have private insurance and I do hope that you are at least getting tested elsewhere. Good luck.
  5. by   sanctuary
    Check the patient's admit labs, and if HIV was not included, tell (don't ask) your employer to have the test done. Then go to a walk-in clinic and get yourself tested (to establish a baseline). Then tell the doc what happened and ask if you should start on anti-virals. Probably not, as the needle on an insulin syringe is pretty small, and goes into the sub-que, but let the professionals decide. It is a job-related injury, so an OSHA matter.
  6. by   jlhayes
    I am mostly concerned because it drew my own blood after giving the insulin. My employer thinks no testing needed on either part "because it will cost around $1,000" Now, my private insurance will not pay if it is stated that was work related. I fillled out an incident report and (of course) kept a copy. I am mostly concerned because she is older & who knows if she had any blood products prior to then?
    I am trying to find a # for OSHA & my State board of Nursing to find out exactly what to do. Apparentyl $ is the main concern

    Thanks for the reply's

  7. by   ElvishDNP
    OSHA regs state that you need to have HIV, HepC panel, and HepB surface antigen drawn on you and the patient. Those labs don't cost $1000, that much I know for sure. She is out of compliance with OSHA if she refuses to test you. I would call OSHA for sure. And get myself tested, if your employer doesn't do it for you. Wish you the best.
  8. by   RN 4 U
    I agree with the post that said if you are looking for a sign that this is not a good co. to work for, this is it! Your employer is respon. for testing you and the client. I do not recommend you going on your own and doing this outside of your employer because it is a job related injury, glad to hear that you filled out an incident report because this is import. if something should come of this. You have proof of the incident and your employer would have to take care of you, should something happen. You have to protect yourself in these situtations. demand that they take care of this TODAY, it is their responsibility. I think you should consider taking employment elsewhere i would not want to work for a co. that would consider costs over the health of an employee.
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  9. by   katfishLPN
    this sounds like the same thing i was told when i was stuck with a used lancet. i stupidly :trout: let it go and i have regretted it so much!!! do not let this go. this happened to me over 10 years ago and i still think about it. i worry something might pop up to destroy my life. you need to be tested as well as the patient. please don't let them talk you out of it, do whatever you have to do to make it happen!

    good luck...get tested!

    i also want to clarify something. when i got stuck i swear i was so freaked out i seriously could not think straight. it all was just overwhelming, that really was my worst nightmare!! so when i told my supervisor and she said "oh i am sure you will be fine " i honestly (looking at it now and in the years i have had to think about it) can not explain to myself or anyone else why i let it go. it makes no sense to me. that is why i wanted to share my experience with you, so you won't make the same mistake.
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  10. by   SmilingBluEyes
    I agree with the others; get tested and follow up on all recommendations. I am so sorry this happened to you. It could happen to anyone. I am thinking of you and hoping all turns out ok....which it absolutely should. I wish you the best.
  11. by   drew9319
    get tested. that is the most important thing. hiv is not the worry here. for hive to be spread through the blood it would have to be a more substantial amount than that delivered by an insulin needle. the worry is hepc. i say that only because hep c delivered sq or not, the amount on the tip of the insulin needle would be enough to give you hepc. hepb you should be ok if you have had the hepb series. as you know hepc no cure. here is some contact info for you
    to report accidents, unsafe working conditions, or safety & health violations:

    contact the osha office nearest you, see map of offices, or, contact our toll free number: 1-800-321-osha (6742)... tty 1-877-889-5627.

    call 1-800-35-niosh

    hope this helps, and find another place to work if possible. i have been stuck as well and know from personal experience how scared you must be...hope all is negative for you on the testing side. good luck