Strange symptoms... =(

  1. I know this board isn't for medical advise but hey... most people on here are nurses and i'm sure i can be offered atleast a clue so here it goes:

    once in awhile I get these extremely sharp stomach pains that come for no apparent reason, last about 2 mins, and then throbbing-ly fades away. The throbbing is mostly in my lower back just above where the belly button area would be...but the pain is everywhere in my belly area and so sharp that i fall to the floor in a fetal position

    Now.. i've lost my appetite.. i've always been a GREAT eater, i'm at a healthy weight and have always had a balanced diet...but now i can only eat maybe 1 meal a day and thats only if i don't get nauseous. Which is the other symptom...

    I'm nauseous before I eat and after I take maybe 2 bites... I can only drink a few sips of water even though I'm thirsty...

    It feels like there's vomit stuck in my throat...

    Could this be something serious or is it just something that'll pass?

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  3. by   kstec
    Have you been to your doctor yet? I have no idea what it would be but I would think maybe a GI workup would be a good idea. Hope you feel better soon.
  4. by   Noryn
    The thread will be locked. It would be nice if our profession along with the profession of medicine would be so simple. It will take a detailed history and physical along with other tests to accurately diagnose you.
  5. by   llg
    Regardless of what it is ... you'll need to be treated. So, go to your doctor and get help.
  6. by   leslie :-D
    Quote from NICUrn2B

    Could this be something serious or is it just something that'll pass?
    it's gas.

    every ache and pain i had growing up, my mom would say it's gas.

    me: "mom, my stomach hurts"
    mom: "it's gas, honey"

    me: "mom, my head hurts:
    mom: "it's gas, honey"

    me: "mom, my throat hurts"
    mom: "it's gas, honey."


    don't know what to tell you.
    if it persists, see your md.
    this too, shall pass.

  7. by   sirI
    You need to pose your questions and concerns to your healthcare provider. members cannot provide the advice you seek.

    Feel better.