Strange and overwhelming, but good day!

  1. Today was kind of a crazy day for me! I am feeling a little overwhelmed at the current moment (LOL BRAIN VOLUME OVERLOAD), so I thought I would come here and get it out. This AM in Med-Surg, my instructor called me up in front of class to inform me I have been elected to Phi Theta Kappa, and international honor I have a meeting to attend for them tomorrow at noon and an induction ceremony next Thurs....okay that is good. Then, this afternoon we had an official TSNA (Texas Student Nursing Association) metting and I got elected president of the TSNA for our school! I didn't even know I was nominated. It happened in like 10 minutes! Yikes! I had to take over the meeting, throw out fundraising ideas, have to plan and arrange meetings for the next year, now I have to go to the school for that early tomorrow and meet with the exiting president, the instructor who is over TSNA......OMG! I have 4 tests and 3 papers due in the next 3 weeks before finals....then I have to take finals, arrange for refreshments at, decorate for, then go help with the graduating classes' pinning ceremony!! OVERLOAD!!!! It is going to be beautiful, sunny, and 80 here Saturday and I wanted to get out and spend some time with my hubby, who has been sorely neglected lately.......I mean, I am happy about both situations, just a little overdone right now...just had to get it out....thanks everyone for listening!

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  3. by   scrubs70
    Congratulations on your achievements. shame you don't have any time to celebrate them
  4. by   Shed13911
    Wow, what an accomplishment and without even knowing it! It seems ironic that you have all of these things going on and you do not have the time to enjoy them. Years from now you will wonder how you did it all, for now try to take some time to juggle your schedule to that you are not so stressed. I am sure that hubby will be willing to take a backseat to spending time together until you have a little more time off. Congratulations on your achievments and take some time to yourself and prioritize your schedule around all of the other things that these things require. It will well be worth it in the end!! :hatparty:
  5. by   Tweety
  6. by   orrnlori
    I was a class officer and also President of Phi Theta Kappa my last year of nusing school. Congratulations! It's nice to be recognized!
  7. by   zacarias

    What a day!! I hope you find time to really enjoy these accomplishments. It also sounds like you're pretty modest not even knowing you'd be elected. That is the kind of leader I would want!
  8. by   lilbiskit78
    Thanks everyone for your kind words! I feel a little less stressed about everything after a good night's sleep! Hope everyone has a great day!

  9. by   suzanne4
    CONGRATULATIONS on a job well done.
    And just think, this is only the beginning of your career!
  10. by   TinyNurse
    Congrats girl!!! :hatparty: you must be an awesome student leader. Keep your head in there and you'll be able to finish your assignments well phi theta kappa is an awesome organization congrats!!! xoxo Jenni