1. Ok I have another question-What would the following be signs/symptoms of?
    knawing(sometimes burning,but also feels kinda like when you are really hungry) feeling in stomach,moves up to chest and hurts in left shoulder,low grade temp100-101 for @5 days or so and an absent period(9 days late)
    Oh yeah and tenderness and sometimes sharp pains lower left abd
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  3. by   mustangsheba
    This is not April Fool; it's Thanksgiving. And you get your little self to a doctor ASAP. A number of things could be going on, but for sure there is SOMETHING. Please don't wait any longer.
  4. by   lvnmom
    Like what,I am more scared to find out..I wanted some ideas before I went in.
  5. by   fiestynurse
    Signs and symptoms of ectopic pregnancy include: one-sided abd pain, shoulder pain, late period or positive pregnancy test, weakness or dizziness. Have you done a home pregnancy test?
  6. by   lvnmom
    I did a home test a few days ago in the evening and it was negative..I am just concerned about this pain in my stomach.It really feels like somene is pulling me apart and knawing on my stomach at the same time.
  7. by   P_RN
    Lvnmom, git your hiney to a doctor......

    It's probably nothing, but worrying about it will give you a stomach ache....and the stress can make you late.....


    Oh and let us know OK?
  8. by   nur20
    Pancreas or Gallbladder ??
  9. by   Zee_RN get it checked out yet? Let us know....
  10. by   lvnmom
    Yes and no..I went to the ER and they did some labs,all came back okay so he did a pelvic.I was very tender so he did a sono.The sonographer scared the crap out of me though while he was doing it he made some comments like"oh my god,that's not good" but wouldn't tell me anything-The final diagnosis
    They didn't really have one except an ulcer?????????????????Have any of you ever heard of a serum test for pregnancy being wrong?I still think I got crummy care and am following up with my Pcp Tuesday..Thanks as alwasy for all your input and support
  11. by   Zee_RN
    He said "Oh my god, that's not good" but didn't TELL you anything?! Yeesh, I think I would have had him by the throat! Perhaps you have an ovarian cyst? I had one last summer that looked awful on sonogram (large complex ovarian mass that looked highly suspicious) that disappeared on its own in a couple of months. Did they do a CA-125 (a marker for ovarian cancer)? Does not give immediate results, however, takes a few days to get the results.

    Again, keep us posted...
  12. by   lvnmom
    I just don't undertand any of it,my husband and I have been trying to conceive another baby for almost a year now with nothing but heartache to come out of it all,then all these weird pains and a period(for the second month in a row)is almost 2 weeks late.My mother and grandmother both had cervical cancer and had hysterectomies before they were thirty.I am following up with my Pcp but thought I'd call my Ob/GYN also since he took out quite a bit of endometriosis in Aug
  13. by   lvnmom
    A little wishful thinking on my part but has anyone known anyone or had a serum test for pregnancy come out negative when it was indeed positive and there was a pregnancy