Steps in bladder training of a patient on foley catheter

  1. hello everyone,

    i'm new to and would like to ask on what are the steps in bladder training of a patient on foley catheter.
    step 1: ?
    step 2: ?
    step 3: ?

    please share your knowledge.
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  3. by   ErinS
    I guess I could be wrong, but my experience is this: take catheter out. Take pt to the bathroom every 2 hours. Bladder scan if pt has not voided in 6 hours. Call md if pt has not voided and has a lot of urine in bladder (I usually called for more than 300ml). Re-scan every few hours or until pt has voided to ensure they are not retaining urine.
  4. by   ZippyGBR
    often this is going to be for people who've had a catheer for a while and/or have neurological issues

    step one - explain the process and gain consent !

    step two - put a catheter valve on

    step three - build up time (and therefore bladder volume) between opening the valve

    step four - discuss the next options and gain consent

    step 5 Trial without / trials of voiding / bladder scans

    if they fail the trial without decide whether to go for intermittants or re insert an indwelling ( and valve) pending a further trial without

    for someone who has been catheterised for hours to days

    1. explain and obtain consent

    2. trial without , bladder scans post void to confirm emptying ...

    failure of trial without = can't void or consistently > 100 - 150 ml post void
  5. by   jlsr
    how to do bladder training before removing foley catheter? :d