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The thread about the late license renewal got me thinking about the requirements for renewal of your RN or LPN license. Indiana does not require that nurses have CEU's to renew their licenses....Is... Read More

  1. by   Flynurse
    When I moved to NY from Nebraska I asked some fellow nurses if we were required to get CEU's. They all said, 'No!' or 'What are those?' I freaked out! I searched high and low for an answer, but I never really got a straight one, short of asking the Board of Nursing. Because in Nebraska I know you have to get something like 20hours of CE's and practice at least 200 hours per year. I'm not absolutely sure now...its been such a long time. I think its posted in P_RN's post.

    Nonetheless, I also agree that it is dangerous for nearly half of the States not to require these CE's. Don't the institutions make you go to inservices and such? I can't stand that I have to do all of these classes and learn all of these things and not be able to get some kind of credit for them or "bank" them for required CE's by the state. It would be safer for all nurses and patients if these things were required by all states.
  2. by   Sekar
    NC does not require CEU's. They do ask if you have earned any, but they do not require them for renewal.