State Health do you become one?

  1. Ok. I am fed up. I may be a nursing student but I have a CNA background. The LTC I worked in was a good one, I rarely seen incorrect things done. However, my Grandfather is in a nursing home, grant it, its not an expensive one because we all cannot afford it. But this poor old man is blind, Alheimers, has a colostomy bag and many other ailments. Every month, we have to take him to the wound care center because the stoma and area around where his bag is placed is completely infected and inflammed.

    Everytime we go to visit him, his bag is either on the verge of popping, or has popped or is incorrectly placed by the CNA's. I come in his room, there are dirty towels, with feces and urine on them, sitting on his clean bed, floor or chairs. Its absolutely horrible. Oh get this, my father went in there last weekend, there are 80 residents in the facility, they have all the RN's and LPN's they needed but only 4 CNA's. 4 CNA's to take care of 80 people? Something is wrong here.

    My family and I have reported them to the state and of course when they come to investigate, everything is being done by the books. Everything is clean, they are not shoving food down these poor peoples throats just so they can hurry and have their cigarrette breaks and so on.

    We have complained our butts off and nothing is being done. Why would you treat someone who is defensless like this? Did I forget to mention he has been in the hospital atleast 4 times this year for dehydration because they wont give him water. We cant be there 24/7 to watch him but I want to do my part and try to help make nursing homes better.

    Does anyone know how you can become a State Health Inspector for nursing homes, hospitals and so on? I am just tired and totally heartbroken at how people are being treated and the rules these Aides and Nurses are breaking to cut corners. I am not bad mouthing Aides and nurses, please believe me. But if you are not willing to do your job 150% to make peoples lives more comfortable and take care of them, then please do not be in the nursing field.

    Can someone point me in the right direction or maybe a site as to where I can find out more info on how to become a state health inspector. I have had enough and just want to see people taken care of properly.
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  3. by   catlady
    Why would everything be ok when the inspectors come--they come unannounced. They can't hide things that well.

    If you are that unhappy with your grandfather's care, you need to move him. Now. Sooner if possible. If he has no money, he should qualify for Medicaid and be able to be placed in any nursing home.

    AFAIK, to become a state inspector, you need years of LTC experience, preferably as a director of nursing or above.
  4. by   ktwlpn
    Wth your experience you know there are real problems here.The inspectors seem to have an agenda-every yr they focus on a different aspect of our facility and rarely back at issues from previous yrs.All staff are on their best behavior when they are in the facility.The nurses that routinely pre-pour their meds are back to that habit the minute the state leaves.The cna's that were so conscientious of privacy and infection control go back to leaving crappy bed linens spread out on the beds and pushing a resident down the hall in the shower chair with their booty exposed.I work in a 250 bedfacility and some units are really a challenge.Has your g-dad's POA/DPOA attended team meetings on a regular basis? You can complain all you want but unless you do it through the proper channels it can be ignored.I would start by requesting a meeting with social services and the charge nurse and present a document listing the problems.I would also meet with g-dad's physician to let him/her know of my concerns.Then start looking for alternate placement but don't bad mouth the present facility to any prospective admissions staff-you may find "no bed availability"...As a charge nurse in LTC I can tell you it is my responsibility at the beginning of each shift to insure that my staff are aware of each resident's needs and capable of delivering the care.This is tough when you are dealing with alot of pool and agency cna's and it sounds like that is the main problem with your g-dad's facility..Good luck-(go to your state's department of health website to look up career ops)
  5. by   CoffeeRTC right on.
    Find a new LTC ASAP. Make sure the doc is aware of these problems. Sometimes they are able to put the pressure on the facily. Call the state a bug in their behinds. Heck...maybe the media even.

    As far as becoming a state inspector...they normally want at least some type of BS degree (nursing, Social services, Dietician, etc) In Pa you need to sit for the civil service exam too.

    Look into your local long term care association or state department of aging.