Sphygmomanometer & Steth set for CNA

  1. I'm currently working in a small assisted living facility and will be trained to become a Med Tech (please don't attack me! I believe it will help me out for when I start the LPN program next fall, so I don't want to pass up the opportunity.). I want to purchase my own Stethoscope and BP cuff so I won't have to use the one that everyone shares. I don't have much money at all and was hoping you could recommend a cheap, yet good set.


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  3. by   P_RN
    I got my husband a good lumiscope set for about $12 at the drugstore. Go for the one that has the stethescope unattached to the cuff.
  4. by   boulergirl
    I have a Prestige Medical stethoscope and and a BP cuff of the same brand, that I purchased at a scrub shop. For a med tech, that should be fine. My equipment is actually sturdier than the cheap crap we have at the facility to use, so I just bring my own. Since management can't get around to replacing the batteries in our old thermometers and won't buy us new ones, I got fed up and bought a thermometer at the local drugstore. At least it's registering ACCURATE temps.

    Once you start nursing school, you might look into upgrading your stethoscope to something better, like a Littman. (At least it seems to be the steth of choice for nurses on this website.) Just don't loan it out!
  5. by   UM Review RN
    You also might try allheart.com for supplies: