1. I go to work in an hour and a half. It's my 2nd night at my new job at a LTC facility. It is the only place I would work if I had to work in long term care, even though I LOVE being in a hospital. I live in such a small town though that all the hospital CNA jobs are taken. So Im left with nursing homes, which are plentiful. I worked for about a year in a hospital Rehab unit right out of CNA training at a college. I tried to avoid nursing homes initially mostly because my parents are old enough to be in one & I see their faces when I take care of the residents. I'm having a hard time commiting myself to this even though I know I have to do it to take care of my family as well. I will be entering the LPN program this fall and I feel like there is more pressure on me now because I'm not just a CNA who wants to stay as a CNA, now I'm a CNA who is furthering myself and education to be an LPN in the very near future, so more professionalism will be expected out of me as well. Also, I am happy to help these sweet old people but it hits a sad note in my heart too. I have a lot of mixed feelings about working in long term care and it's really hard to describe. I just needed to get it off my chest :sigh:

    Any thoughts??
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  3. by   orkbrother
    It is commendable that you do the LTC work. I had a hard time with it in nursing school. Feeding people is not my favorite thing to do. Thanks again
  4. by   Virgo_RN
    Do it. LTC provides such an opportunity to develop your skills in dealing with people with all different levels of consciousness as well as physical needs. Many of your basic foundational skills in caring for people as whole beings and not just a body in the bed will be gained from the LTC environment. Simply treat these people with the dignity and humanity that you would wish for your own loved ones. I think you'll find it an invaluable experience, and that you will draw upon it later on in your nursing career. Best of luck to you!
  5. by   SunRose7
    :clphnds: thank you virgo rn, i think ltc is really forcing me to reevaluate myself. i took a nice long shower after work and stood there doin some soul searching (its my thinking spot). you know, i never considered myself to be rude or brash to patients and residents in any way. i am a very patient person always intent on serving their needs and being pleasant with them, but i think that its just boggling my mind a little bit. i think it breaks my heart that they are gone either mentally or physically, it's not like working in the rehab unit and you see them progress and get better and go live their lives again, which i think is a big shocker for me- that now it's just helping them "maintain instead of attain" or so i've heard it said, which isnt totally true but you get the point.. maybe i think too much about it & i just need to get my emotions under control. i don't want to harden myself to it because i believe empathy is essential to provide them the full spectrum of care. i don't know how my original posting came across, but i am still young (23) and i know i still have a lot to learn, about the profession and myself, i just get flustered, so thank you :d.