Sorian Nursing Computer Program

  1. I have been put on a committee that is trying to look at different computer programs that nurses can use to do all their documentation from admission to discharge. This committee is supposed to decide which one will work best for our critical care units. Does anyone have experience with the Sorian program? It looks good when it is presented, but I would like input from any nurses who have actually used it.
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  3. by   hittme123
    Our hospital has started Soarian, and its not bad(pretty easy to follow and understand)...however we've only been able to use it for placing orders and looking up results...we're supposed to be able to use it soon for documentation.....who knows when that will be, I wish soon---i'm sick of paper charting!
  4. by   mpccrn
    the way we evaluated our computer program was to take a paper documentation of a patient that was crashing in the icu and tried to plug the info into the program. lots of things came to light then! try it. we were able to fix a bunch of it before it hit the floors.
  5. by   ONCRN84
    We went Live with Soarian a few weeks ago and now I love it. At first I wanted to meet the programmer in a dark alley sometime, but once you get used to it it's pretty easy to use. We use it for charting assessments, admissions, VS, I&O, inputting orders, and looking up results. All of our docs have access as well, so they can sit there and read multiple DARs at once or graph and trend VS (I love doing this, btw).

    We all took a class which was basically a crash course in using the system, and for the first week we had it on the floors they had Soarian experts sent from the company 24/7 to help us when we had questions. We also have multiple staff nurses who are "superusers" (more training), and a few "champions", again... people with more training.
  6. by   ann945n
    Ive used Sorian before and found it to be buggy and odd, but Im not sure if that was the software or just the hospital not instaling it right.