Soon to be new grad in ER

  1. I am a soon-to-be new graduate, and I have a job lined up to be a staff nurse in a small 7-bed ER. I know we are encouraged to start in med/surg, but I have decided to work ER. Anyway, I am kind of nervous and I would like feedback from anyone who works ER. Maybe let me know what to expect and how to prepare myself. They offer a great training program, but I'm still nervous!
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  3. by   traumaRUs
    Congrats on the new job. ER ROCKS! Its the best place to work! Absolutely love it! Know that even in a small ER - getting overwhelmed happens. Always take a deep breath before you dive in. It will save you tons of problems. For me, remaining calm even in the face of tragedy and hurt have saved me time and again. Notice, I'm not saying take ACLS, PALS, ENPC, BTLS or any other certs first. IMHO its the attitude of calm and clearheadedness (is that a word?) that will always get you through the rough spots. Make sense? Take care and good luck!
  4. by   unknown99
    E.R. is a great place to start!!! You will see all kinds of things!!! Awesome!!!