Socializing with Residents

  1. Reading the threads, I get the impression that there is very little socializing with the residents in or out of work. Is there any socialization at all? Do the residents even eat in the nurses' facilities?

    Are there no picnics, Xmas parties, whatever where you can socialize with the residents and have some fun with them? Do nurses and residents ever go for a beer after work together, that kind of thing?
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  3. by   BGSUstudent
    Where I work there is one Dr. that goes to the local bars with some of the nurses sometimes. I don't think is has happend in a while since he is newly married.
  4. by   ang75
    When I worked at a teaching hosp., the residents were the peeons. The nurses ran all over them. Of course, there were a few of us with integrity and compassion and we would all go out together-time allowing.

    I doubt that was the norm though.
  5. by   CHATSDALE
    The Residents/interns I Worked With Were Poor Poor I Have Had Them Come Around And Bum Part Of A Sandwich From Brown Baggers
    I Bet Htye Are Not Poor Now .....
  6. by   traumaRUs
    In the teaching hospital ER where I work, yes, some of the nurses do socialize with the residents - however, be carefule dating co-workers - it can sometimes get pretty nasty.