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Yup. That's what I was just told. Imagine that!! I applied for a scholarship that you had to be in a science related field or math or engineering, or teaching. Got a letter back saying I did... Read More

  1. by   kukukajoo
    This was for a locl sholarship, Offered through the college Foundation in conjunction with a major local company and NASA as well. I was told that if I could relate Nursing to Science and NASA then I would be eligible. Well I did just that in an amazing way!! Nurses are VERY important to NASA and space flights as well as to the power engineering business (My ex was a power plant engineer so I have lots of inside knowledge).

    I am disappointed as this was worth $1,000 and I really thought I had a shot at it.

    Nursing I believe is certainly a science as well as an art as someone brought up. Nurses play so many important roles- social service, teaching, counseling, scientific, etc. and we need to know so much about the biological sciences. The only science course I have not taken is Micro and that will be taken this summer.

    I think I will draft a letter and let them know that when you get a degree it is considered a Bachelors of Science in Nursing.

    I feel they are doing the Nursing Profession a disservice by saying it is not a science field.

    I doubt anything will come out of it for me, but maybe it will help the next Nursing Major who applies.
  2. by   anonymurse
    Yah, well like it says "Life sciences: The branch of knowledge or study of living things, including such fields of knowledge or study as biology, biochemistry, biophysics, microbiology, genetics, physiology, botany, zoology, ecology, and behavioral biology, except that the term does not encompass the health professions."

    Basically the purpose of the money is to try to staunch the Brain Drain, where like all those Japanese corporate recruiters have set up offices outside MIT (old news). Presumably by now they and others have set up similar things all over the US.

    Probably you just got hold of an office clerk who didn't know how to craft a simple declarative sentence. Ain't worth gettin' tweaked over.
  3. by   zenman
    Quote from Suesquatch
    Oh, boy.

    I think that nursing is a discipline that uses the sciences but is not, in and of itself, "a" science.
    Same with medicine; it is not a science, but uses the sciences...and out of date ones at that!