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  1. by   night owl
    Originally posted by webbiedebbie
    I enjoy going to the butt hut and meeting others working in the hospital.
    I'm alittle late in responding to this poll, but I have to laugh about the butt hutt. We have one too, call it the smokehouse. Now I was just thinking about this smoking hut thing. You go out to smoke in this hut. It has, well at least ours does, benches and ash trays all around and a BIG exhaust fan, which makes me think...hmmmmm...I go outside to have a smoke in the smokehouse and they suck the smoke out of the smokehouse with an exhaust fan...Then what is the point of the smokehouse? I could smoke under an umbrella if it was raining...Sheesh, what a waste of money!
  2. by   Todd SPN
    I have to say, I hate myself for smoking. But what I hate more is being labeled by some as a second-class citizen for doing so. Many non-smokers think you can just say no and not smoke anymore. I wish. I was going into a store the other day, stopped to put my butt in the ashtray outside the door, and some stranger proceeds to tell me how my habit will kill me. I am not a violant person, but if he would have said one more thing to me after I told him, "If I want your opinion, I'll ask for it" I think I would have knocked him on his butt. Our state, like most of yours I'm sure, got a mass amount of money from the tobacco companies. It was to be paid over 20 years. One would think the state would use that money to help those who want to quit by maybe offering free quit smoking classes or free patches. But no, they sold that money short (10 cents on the dollar) to an investment company and then used that money to balance the state budget for a year. A private personal injury attorney that was hired to help get the award was paid 3 million for his efforts. Geez, I'm so worked up now, I need a cigarette!
  3. by   Roxie187
    Smoker for 8 years now. Strange to say, but I can't stand the smell of smoke on my hands. I wash as soon as I'm done. I want to quit, but don't have the.....I don't know, NERVES to stop. I keep thinking about gaining weight if I quit. Eventually I will stop with prayer and help from God and his help I will definately need. Congrats to those whom have kicked the habit and good luck to those want to!
  4. by   nursebedlam
    yeap l smoke too, l've tried many times to give up, usually last 4 months then fail
  5. by   Jrnalist2RNinOR
    I guess I just have to respond to this...

    My half-sisters mom just died April 14 from terminal lung cancer, she was diagnosed two months prior to that....that is how fast it moved, surrounded her inner organs, and went into her brain, paralyzing her left side....

    She, of course, smoked for sister always hated it - and she never took up the habit

    But now her mom is gone, at 54, and left behind a grandson - because of smoking...

    Sad world, amazing how quickly some cigarettes can destroy it
  6. by   LisaRNinarkansas
    I have been struggling with cigarettes for years..ive quit several times, only to pick them up again. I have now been cigie free for about 3 wks....and Im gonna do it this time....I have too...asthma is killing me...
  7. by   truern
    i'm sorry...i'm very sensitive to smoke and there's not enough handwashing, perfume, gum, etc that can mask that smell

    i also don't wear perfume, hair products, etc that have a smell when i'm around patients..

    sorry, just had to respond and represent some of the non-smokers
  8. by   carcha
    Gave up recently, not easy, however I have so much energy I dont know why. I used to put off so many things until later, spend longer at my coffee lingering over my cigarette. Now I want to go, go go. Its really amazing. Hope I can keep this up
  9. by   healingtouchRN
    will you be my nurse? I agree with you & I really dislike the smell of smoke & cheap purfume even on my massage therapist.
    Quote from truesn
    i'm sorry...i'm very sensitive to smoke and there's not enough handwashing, perfume, gum, etc that can mask that smell

    i also don't wear perfume, hair products, etc that have a smell when i'm around patients..

    sorry, just had to respond and represent some of the non-smokers
  10. by   Energizer Bunny
    Oh, how I wish......

    Here's my story,

    I started smoking when I was 18 or 19 (somewhere around there anyways!)

    I finally quit with my third pregnancy last year (March) then for some odd reason, decided I needed to start again when my FIL died in November. And let me say, there is no good reason for starting again! I am soooo mad at myself for it! I hide in the basement and outside and only do it when Bryan isn't home because he would shoot me. I take a shower before he comes home and brush and gargle and all that baloney. I HATE IT AND ME! I stopped again for the month of February and now I am back at it again. Granted, I am waaaay down to only 5 or 6 a day, but it still sucks! It is the worst habit to kick and I am really wanting to do it again. I soooo wish that I had the dang willpower. I was doing so great and screwed it all up last November.

  11. by   Mads Mum RN2B
    [font=Georgia]I hate smoking, can't stand the smell, expense, health risks. BUT I'M A SMOKER!

    [font=Georgia]Go Figure! I have tried everything, patches, anti-depressants, hypnosis. Nothing works for me, I can't handle the stress of trying not to smoke. I'm in nursing school and have made a vow to myself to never work in the hospital as a smoker, I have 2 1/2 years left to quit. I'm got to do it somehow. So I understand how bad it is, and my mother smokes, which scares me to death, because I lost my dad to a heart attack, I don't want to lose my mom too!
  12. by   nurseboudin
    I hate it hate it hate it!!! And the stigma attached to it is wretched. You know the one - smokers deserve lung cancer because they should have known better. I lost my mom to small cell lung cancer - she was addicted. She smoked since she was 15 and died when she was only 48. It's horrible. Politicians get such HUGE amounts of money from Big Tobacco - so it's here to stay. I once saw a woman getting chemo leave the Infusion Room to go have a cigarette - and rolled her drip with her. What a horrible sight it was.

    I have quit four times for periods of 6+ months. I get overwhelmed and in spite of all the warnings - in spite of losing loved ones to cigarettes, I still do it. It's not a matter of "knowing better" - It's a matter of one having an addiction. There are no rehabs for smokers. No "smokers anonymous." At least not where I live.

    Does anyone know of anything like this? Some people need help - because they CAN'T do it on their own - no matter how bad they want to.
  13. by   Energizer Bunny
    THere is a good site called and I know that our local hospitals run support groups, but they cost whopping money for the most part (course if I quit for good again, I'd be saving way more than what I would spend on the support group...just don't have the money upfront!)