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Just wondering if anyone knows why so many of us nurses smoke??? Couldn't be the STRESS could it?? At all of the places I've worked, almost all the nurses smoked, including me. Seems kind of odd... Read More

  1. by   OneChattyNurse
    Well....this thread sure did take a turn. The ORIGINAL question was why do so many of us smoke. I don't think this was intended to be a smokers bashing session. Smokers are not ignorant to the risks of smoking...we have heard them all. For various reasons (that are our personal choice) we chose to ignore the risks and continue to smoke. I am not sure how we can be so judged for doing something that when done in the appropriate place is LEGAL! My smoking does not personally affect anyone on this board. Therefore, I don't feel anyone here has the right to judge! Let's just get back to the indended topic of this thread and QUIT THE BASHING!!!!!

  2. by   willie2001
    This nurse, you are absolutely right. Your smoking is nobody's business but your own. I don't presume to tell anyone whether they can or cannot smoke. You are well aware that you are slowly killing yourself. You are responsible for your own actions, right. If it is ignorant to recongnize that smoking is a bad thing, then all I can say is Ignorance is bliss! (and much more healthful).
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  3. by   Q.
    And I just want to point out...I've heard MANY, MANY ads - the lady with the throat cancer who speaks through those devices - it's on the radio. She claims it's the tobacco companies fault because SHE didn't know nicotine was harmful and addictive. Maybe you haven't heard or seen these ads - but I have - and it's ******* annoying.

    It's all about rude, self righteous smokers who give those smokers who are considerate bad raps.
  4. by   angil
    I smoke. Quit for a year and a half, and due to a week from hell, and yes part of that was my nursing job, I started smoking again. Non-smokers are entitled to the same amount of breaks as smokers. They just choose not to take them, and then whine about the smokers actually taking theirs. I have known nonsmokers who leave the floor, and say, I need a fresh air break. Coffee break, quiet time, a walk, call your break what you want, and do what you want on it, just as we're entitiled to do what we want on ours too!
  5. by   mattsmom81
    Isn't it a county in Maryland where some PC group got it made into law that cigarette smoke can't blow over another's lawn or something ridiculous like that??? I call control freaks like this the "smoke police"..LOL! I don't smoke, never have. But the only time I've ever objected to nurses' smoke breaks is if they go in 'herds' or abuse their time limits. I feel the latter groups can find many additional means of shirking their unit responsibilities....and usually do in my experience!
  6. by   thisnurse
    f it is ignorant to recongnize that smoking is a
    bad thing, then all I can say is Ignorance is bliss! (and much more healthful).


    no, ignorance is mandating the behavior of another when it has no impact on you. ignorance is assuming that a group of NURSES dont understand or think that smoking WILL (notice the use of the word WILL not can) kill you.
    ignorance is attacking the person of one you cant win an argument with. ignorance is just plain not knowing.
    i am not ignorant. my behavior is stupid as far as smoking is concerned.
    i too am tired of being bashed by the righteous nonsmokers.
  7. by   Ivy Purdom
    I am a smoker, I am allowed 1 smoke break per shift and don't abuse it.
  8. by   cinny071
    I also smoke, I know that it is a bad habit.
    But I only take the breaks I am entitled to, and yes I have seen the non-smokers in the breakroom when I go to break and they are still there when I return and they are still there after I have been working for MANY minutes. And I know of 2 nurses who take many breaks throughout the day.
  9. by   mario_ragucci
    Willie - Now! - stay in your place and let this thread die :-) Don't be saying stuff like "slowly killing yourself" or coming across with the [more holy than thou] routine as far as the health-thing goes. May I remind you that your gasoline addiction is slowly killing the planet, but you won't stop driving will you? Will you? Do you munch on saturated fats? Why? Your killing yourself. Haven't you heard of cholesterol and plaque? Do you eat trans-fatty acids in margerine? That will give you cancer too. :-) Let's not comment on diet, which can kill as quickly as smoking? Doesn't it depend on the person? Let us smoke in peace. Live and let live, for crying out loud!!!!!!!! We are not living in a perfect world. :-) And I am not sounding off on you, just sounding off for the sake of sounding off :-)
    Lets let this thread die easy, with no last words or thrown daggers at the end. Nurses smoke because they want to. People drive because they want to. I guess it's all all right. Now let's let this go, amen. :-)
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  10. by   ICUBecky
    gotta love the nurse that works in a cardiac unit, goes out and smokes, and then comes back and gives discharge instructions to a heart attack victim that needs to quit smoking.

    i also love those smokers that thinks perfume covers up the smoke just makes them smell worse. what are they thinking?

    "hey becky...will you watch my busy balloon pump, ventilated, CVVH patient, with your 2 other actively having a heart attack that i can go smoke a cigarette" nurses make me absolutely mad.

    i also know a nurse that currently is getting over pneumonia...and still needs to take cigarette breaks. i don't get it...

    i know smokers have the right to smoke. but, c'mon ppl, don't you see our patients suffering from illnesses, massive heart attacks, etc...b/c they smoke. doesn't it scare the crap out of you?
  11. by   sharann
    Hey, this thread was about why nurses smoke etc..., not smokebashers or the smoke mafia attack all smoker's. I quit 3 months ago, work with fresh post-op heart patients and AAA's. The scariest part is wondering if I quit in time (I'm early 30's now). The best support group I found out there on the net is --Really helpful place to be. I recommend it to patients, friends and anyone interester in quitting or helping someone quit. It's free, non-invasive, and confidential. No, I make nothing off the site, I just like it personally.
    Mario, what IS it with you and gasoline? Stop deflecting the subject into other arenas. This topic was/is smoking, not environmental issues or poor social habits of your classmates.
  12. by   thisnurse
    becky...yes it does scare me. more and more each day. why do i continue to smoke?
    im not sure.
    im addicted absolutely but thats not an excuse.
    i just like the way they taste and the way they make me feel. i like that so damn much its worth dying over. and as i grow older and shorter of breath i realize what i am doing to my lungs and the damage i have and am causing.
    and i know that i will be paying the piper sooner than i think.
    the thought of quitting is scaring the crap out of me right now. more so than the thought of cancer.
    im trying to come to grips with it. i think MOST smokers are...but i really resent the righteous nonsmokers and their desire to mandate the behavior of others. i will quit...when I say, not when the people down the street tell me i have to or when the dogooders get their laws passed. some of the nonsmokers are downright vicious about OUR bad habit. and oh please, dont bring rudeness in this again.
    suzy...i cant believe that you posted about those TV commercials. first off, they are probably actors. secondly, they are PAID PROPAGANDA aimed at shifting the blame on tobacco companies....why????
    my mother always says that if she knew they were bad when she started smoking she never would have started..thats such crap. it IS her fault she smoked. the blame for smoking lies on the smoker, not the tobacco companies.its like saying ...but i didnt inhale..
    my mom knew for decades that smoking causes cancer. she continued. she has since quit and is one of those reformed smokers who is trying to save the world.
  13. by   Paprikat
    I could quit smoking and not die of lung cancer thirty years from now or get hit by a bus tomorrow on my way to work!
    I enjoy smoking, am not hurting anyone but myelf, am aware of the consequences and will accept it when the time comes. This is my informed consent.
    I do not smoke in my home, around anybody who dosen't smoke and dispose of my butts properly. I take my assigned breaks and if patients are seriously ill, I will forego my break altogether.
    I just don't agree with some of these people on this post, and I think we've lost the meaning of what the post was. We all have our opinions and preferences and that is what living in a free society is.