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Has anyone ever experienced a really bad sleep hangover? A sleep hangover is when you have self-induced sleep deprivation for a few nights, and when you do have opportunity to sleep, and you sleep... Read More

  1. by   l.rae
    about a yr or so ago l read a fascinating article in reader's digest on sleep debt, wish l could remember the gist of it. anyway, when l am working 2 12 hr shifts in a row, l actually feel better the 2nd day on 6 hrs sleep than l did getting a full9 or so hrs prior to the 1st shift...l am a lot sharper the 2nd day.
  2. by   boggle
    Hey Mario, nice gull!
  3. by   KELLYGIRL
    Too much coffee = little sleep = want more sleep = hangover

    vicious cycle equation
  4. by   boggle
    I know that sleep hungover felling well. Sometimes a big glass of juice and as brisk a walk as I can muster outside in the fresh air helps clear my head. I'm guessing my body is in need of the fluids, glucose and some circulating oxygen.

    Hope you are feeling better.:kiss
  5. by   WalMart_ADN
    ahh how blessed i am to sleep anytime, anywhere, for any amount of time..... in fact...i think i'll go do some more now.....

    i love what working nights has done to me!! :roll:
  6. by   mario_ragucci
    Originally posted by boggle
    outside in the fresh air helps clear my head. I'm guessing my body is in need of the fluids, glucose and some circulating oxygen.
    This is great advice, the kind I love, that is strictly physiological. To avoid a sleep hangover, why not wear O2 @ 1.5L/hr and IV yourself with 100cc/hr D5NS 0.45%+20mEq KCl? No other drugs...just the O2 and IV. Wouldn't that help? I usually am woke up from a sleep hangover because I am hungry, and I lay there and slumber thinking about food until I muster enough head to make toast. The IV should include a 10 hr TPN feeding as well. Wouldn't that make sense?
  7. by   kimmicoobug
    I go through this every week what with being in school and all. Friday night rolls around and I crash at about 10:30 and sleep until10:00 the next day. I love the hangover just because I get to be lazy for most of the weekend. Then Monday morning comes and I feel refreshed. To get over that hangover feeling on the weekend when I need to study or whatnot, I just do my workouts and I am energized for the rest of the Sunday afternoon..he he he.
  8. by   SimplyMe
    Please don't think that I am crazy when I ask this. Or maybe I have a physical reason for this happening. But, here goes nothing, have you ever been sleep deprived, then fell asleep, woke up and you knew what was going on around you but it was like you have to tell your mind to wake your body up. See, I gave you fair warning that it was crazy.. But this has happened to me twice, once after I had my little girl and I just had to sleep and I had to convince myself that she was crying to get fully awakened. Strange huhh!!
  9. by   ZIMMER
    Sleep??? Been on nights for over 5 years. I enjoy them. But not everyone can do them. Plus I am a single mom and back in school full time and oh yes work full time on my feet for ever and ever. So I dont get much sleep. I tend to do what I call a binge sleep on my one day off.:roll Yes I tend to get that hangover feel But what What I think it is for me atlest is that I don't eat as I should so my sugar gets low As soon as I eat and have that wonderful black gold (coffee) I feel wonderful. So much to do so little time.:chuckle

    Oh yes new posting here wonderful site!!! Glad I found all of you!!!
  10. by   boggle
    Oh Mario, that TPN and O2 doesn't sound like any fun. I would rather have someone bring me a really good, sweet cup of coffee and a small sweet roll and let me savor them before I had to rise from bed and face reality.

    But there are no gentle awakenings for a student nurse or working nurse, just the nagging alarm and the sleep hangover.
  11. by   baseline
    "I wish I knew how sleep effects neuro-transmitters and the brain :-( "

    I think we already know!
  12. by   Merry1
    mind fry, hangover, or just knowing your bed is calling your name and not being able to answer stinks!
  13. by   MOMMY
    Yes! Yes! Yes! While going through basic training I thought I would never be able to sleep to much. WRONG! I found that if I attempt to "Catch" up on sleep I would have what you call a "sleep hangover". Through the years of working nights and working some nights some days, I found that if I set my alarm to wake up at a regular set time, most of the time it is for about 6 hrs, I don't have the hang over effect. My husband on the other hand also works nights, he plans on being tired. he will go to bed at 10pm and sleep until 1pm the next day before he goes to work. Then complains about not feeling well. On the days which he gets woke up early am, such as a swat call or fire call then he feels great. The point, he is getting to much sleep. Our bodies will tell us when it is time to get up and when it is time to sleep, do not force the issue either way. Just make sure you are not doing things that will keep you awake when you should be sleeping. I once had a professor tell me to drink a glass of wine before bed. This really helped on my Hoot Owl nights.