Skin Problems in Son

  1. My son has severe Eczema. He has been to many Dermatologist, allergist, pediatricians, and hospitals. He has been on all kind of medications, ranging from creams, ointments, by mouth, or over the counter meds. He is almost three years old and the doctors tell me that he is one of the worse cases they have ever seen, or seen in a long time. I am wondering if anyone knows any sites or new meds to help him or help me help him and his doctor. Thanks for any help
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  3. by   PennyLane
    My sister had exzema as well. I know it is tough to treat. I don't have any advice, but I hope someone else here will. I wish your son all the best.
  4. by   pedi-RN
    It's just an idea, but I would take a look at the book Is This Your Child? by Doris Rapp. It is all about allergies. My youngest has several medical problems, and has been tested for many things, including Celiac. Although the Celiac test was negative, we saw COMPLETE relief from her symptoms when on a Celiac diet. Anyway, the book goes through how do do an elimination diet and slowly add foods back in. Since he is so young, it would probably be easy enough to do (we did it when she was 2, too). Here is a link to the book on Amazon...

    This book has been a tremendous help to our family and we still refer to it frequently. Maye it will help your son, too.

  5. by   SandySummers
    Try convincing your son to eat yogurt 3x per day.

    Go to PubMed,
    AND put exactly what is in the line below:

    probiotics AND (eczema OR atopy)

    and you will see 31 articles recommending probiotics for treatment (the organisms in yogurt). For pregnant or lactating moms--take probiotics 2-3x per day to prevent asthma and atopic illness in your baby.

    You can also put the contents of a probiotic capsule in a cup full of milk and your son will never notice.

    Also check out the article by U.N. Das (#17 on the search) that will come up on the search about fatty acids.

    In the white box that says "summary", select the corresponding arrow and click on "abstract" then hit the gray "display" button to the left of "abstract" and you'll see little summaries of each article. That ought to be enough information to start with.

    I did a masters thesis on probiotics and I've had a dramatic increase in health personally both by eating probiotics and omega 3 fatty acids.

    Good luck,
    Sandy Summers, RN, MSN, MPH
  6. by   renerian
    Can he use elidil? I am not sure what the age is on that. I have eczema. Have since I was about 2. Steriod cream helped me. Predisone took all of it away.......I will do a websearch and check the age. I did a websearch and it says it is safe for children 2 and older.

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