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Posted on Fri, Jun. 14, 2002 Hospital putting fizz in worker incentive Coca-Cola helps motivate Houston nurses By Charlie Lanter Telegraph Staff Writer WARNER ROBINS - One employee's... Read More

  1. by   nightingale
    I agree with the poster who said it is a small step in the right direction. I will take the free coke and say, "Thank you very much"!

  2. by   NannaNurse
    So much talk here about wanting change.......are we putting our actions into motion?? These 'suits' keep doing these things because we let them.
    I work my tail off.....have for about 20+ years as a nurse. I just started with a large hospital......yes I did get a large sign on bonus....over 3 years, but don't blame us for that.....blame the 'suits' that offered it to us. Others got raises, they are treated nicely and have been around a long time.
    If I were at a hosp. for awhile....didn't get the pay I wanted, I would start checking out other places.....of which I did.....
    Go to the managers, etc and explain your feelings. If they are trying to hire more people and offering s/o/b, then they wouldn't want you to leave.....just one more slot to fill.....
    Let's get out there and voice our concerns. If all of us, as nurses of one voice in the USA, SOMEBODY will take notice. If we all stage a 'blue-flu' day......they will stop what they are doing and listen!!