Silly question?

  1. Heya Folks,
    I'm a student nurse and I have a question I've been wanting to ask but never got around to.

    From date of grad, how long is it before you usually sit the NCLEX?

    How long after NCLEX before you are officially licensed? (I'm in TX if it matters)
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  3. by   amy
    Well, I graduated in May, and if I remember right, was working on temp. permit for I think 6 months and took NCLEX in September after taking comp. review class; best class I ever took! And I passed at minimum # of questions... Good Luck!
  4. by   Nurse Ratched
    I graduated in May. We couldn't send in our request to sit for the test until the school could confirm we had graduated. Then sat for the test mid-June and found out I passed on June 29th.
  5. by   meownsmile
    I graduated the end of May,, took the NCLEX July 11th i think. I could have taken it as early as 3rd week in June, but i wanted a few weeks.Had notification of my liscenure by the end of August. Was off orientation by the last week in August. Doesnt matter when you have your license in hand,, because they should accept your notification from your state that your NCLEX and licensure has been approved. Then make sure they get a copy when you do recieve the actual license.
  6. by   altomga
    i graduated the middle of May...took the boards first of june...found out 2 1/2 weeks later that I PASSED...
    Good luck!! Keep us posted
  7. by   nimbex
    NY takes 8-12 weeks to process, assuming you turned your packet in on time. You can find out quickly on line in about 2 weeks, just chect the board every day past 5pm.

    GOOD LUCK, awe heck you don't need it :-)
  8. by   purplemania
    I coordinate the GN program at a hosp. in TX. Our externs are able to get their NCLEX dates within a month of graduation and many sit for the test 4-6 wks after graduating. Within another 1-2 weeks they get results and we are off and running! Delays are usually due to GN not completing forms appropriately or in timely manner. go to for info from the Board.
  9. by   jenac
    I graduated the beginning of August, sat for boards at the end of the month, and got my license the beginning of September-started working within a week. It felt like forever than-but in retropect, it was pretty quick.
  10. by   GPatty
    I graduated in July, and sat for my NCLEX in September (end of) and started working on Oct.3rd as an LPN.
    Seemed like forever while I was waiting, but now I think back on it, it wasn't that long....