Should I be careful here?

  1. I am working with a local staffing agency. I am an LNA but ,due to financial issues, would take on a PCA case if offered.

    I found an ad which stated "pediatric case" in ABC City(only a few miles from my house). I submitted my resume and the recruiter called me back.

    It turns out that the client is 18 years old. I feel that "pediatric" was a bit misleading but let that go. The recruiter and I talked. I guess the way they do things is they(the staffing agency) interviews you first and then they send you off to the job.

    I am working with another agency and they actually have you meet with the family before you accept the position.

    I am trying to be open in my new career path but want to be street smart,too.

    Any input here?
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  3. by   Keepstanding
    what is a lna ?? good luck with the job !

    praiser :heartbeat
  4. by   greenclover
    Quote from praiser
    what is a lna ?? good luck with the job !

    praiser :heartbeat
    licensed nursing assistant. now can someone tell me if i am being too paranoid with my concerns?
  5. by   caroladybelle
    Depending on the illness/disorder, pts are often considered "pediatric" up to age 21. This most often occurs when it is a pediatric disorder, or a longterm disorder that onsets in childhood. Cystic Fibrosis, certain types of leukemia more prominent in childhood, some Down's etc. come to mind.
  6. by   greenclover
    Thanks Caroladybell-but what about not meeting the family prior to the case assignment? It is a job where I would accompany the father in his van one state away to the son's school(to pick him up for the weekend), help him pick the son up and then spend Sat/Sun with the family, accompanying the father/son back to his school on Sunday afternoon. I mean, I would not enter the car of a stranger, so why should I do that here?
  7. by   dragn2623
    If you have reservations about the position (which you seem to have), I would trust your gut instinct and look elsewhere. Can you request the Agency to arrange a meeting so that you can meet the family? I don't think I would take the position, travel with strangers if I never met them before.
  8. by   Otessa
    Listen to your gut. IMO.