Should a New RN Grad Work at a Family Health Clinic or Nursing Home?

  1. Hello, I just got a call for an interview at this family health clinic (prenatal, women's, peds, general medicine), right after I just got hired at a skilled nursing facility. I only have a few months experience working at a nursing home and in home health (had to quit due to relocation). I have no idea what an RN does at a clinic. What attracts me to go for the clinic is that they have a student loan repayment plan, and a regular 9-5 schedule. Whereas in the nursing home it's the typical 4 days on, 2 days off schedule, morning shift. Both job offers are full time. I am well aware how stressful it can be in a nursing home, although it is a secure job. I don't know if I can say the same thing about community clinics. Does it get more repetitive (which I don't mind) at the clinic? Also, what is the starting salary for RN's (2 year degree) in these types of clinics? FYI I am in Southern California. Any advice? Thanks!
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  3. by   tyvin
    Why haven't you asked the clinic what your wage would be?
  4. by   maria.gie
    I did, and they said they will discuss it with me after the interview.
  5. by   MSbrightside
    Good for you! where are you in SoCal? I'm in San Diego. 3 months since I have my license but still no work. not really, I'm doing part time with a Hospice Home Care and underpaid. I've checked in, we should be paid atleast $25/hour starting.
  6. by   maria.gie
    I'm from North SD county! I've worked in a nursing home (very stressful, maybe it's just the facility) and then for home health. (per diem or part time, $40/visit). I studied in Long Beach City College so I have ties in LA. The job offers I have right now are in LA. I have applied for new grad positions in hospitals (SD and LA) of course and am still waiting From what I'm hearing it's very stressful to work in hospitals and nursing homes anyway so I'm looking at other options, hence family health clinic. In SD, nursing jobs are very hard to come by so it's better to network. That's how I got hired.
  7. by   elprup
    I vote for family clinic over skilled nursing facility any day.
  8. by   GM2RN
    I'm voting for the clinic too.