Sharing my Ego Boost right now.....

  1. Hi Guys! Just wanted to share my recent ego boosts with y'all. As most of you probably know I'm an LVN2 in a float pool of the hospital I work for, Friday night I was scheduled to work a med/surg unit and the house supervisor called me about 5:00 pm and asked me if I would work ER, well I told him I had never worked ER and wasn't sure I could handle it and he told me that I wasn't needed on the med/surg units and was basically trying to help me fill my time, and asked me if ER had the staff and was willing to give me a night's orientation would I be willing to do it, basically he had to talk me into it because I felt like I would be overwhelmed and unsure if I was capable of handling ER. Well he called me back in about 15 minutes and told me that he had talked to them and they were willing to let me work. Well I went to work and was working with a new RN which that night just happen to be his first shift off orientation, I thought "uhoh".... it went great, of course I worked like a dog and didn't get much of breaks (nobody did actually) and didn't eat, smoked once, and didn't even get to pee until I got home, but I loved every minute of it..... they asked ME to come back anytime I liked and were more than pleased with my performance, well Saturday night came around and the house sup called and she told me I was going back to ER, went wonderful, Sun night same thing, went back and fell in love with the whole ER experience! Mon evening my float pool office called to tell me I was going to med/surg and told me that ER had requested me come back but I was already scheduled med/surg so they couldn't just take me away, but for the next month's schedule she would put me in ER for every spot that they needed float pool for. I thought "ok, it'll be alright at least it's nice to know ER wants me back" well I get to work last night and the charge nurse is releasing a nurse that was being pulled off another med/surg unit because it would make us overstaffed, and I was thinking (to myself) "if med/surg nurses can only be pulled to med/surg why not put this nurse in my spot and send me to ER", since I'm float pool and can basically be pulled anywhere they want to send me. But it didn't happen that way a little bit to my disappointment. So we all had a fairly good night and no harm done but the night house supervisor came up there and told me that she had received many phone calls from the ER staff and had written a memo to my supervisor to relay the compliments. It was kind of ironic working in the med/surg last night, this one RN had to restart this male patient's IV and didn't get it and she asked another RN to try and he couldn't get it, and I was coming up the hall and they were going to call lab to come get it and asked me if I was any good at IV's, I asked who they wanted and come to find out it was a patient I had taken care of in the ER and I had started his IV there and drawn his lab 2 nights before, I told her I could get it, I did it in the ER, walked in there poked him once got it in and they both looked at me like they were in shock the patient was non English speaking and his son translated to me that he had just told me I was the best! Just wanted to brag for a bit...... but you know what they say? If you don't toot your own horn who else will? :chuckle

    ok I'm through bragging now! lol have a great day y'all
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  3. by   subec
    :hatparty: :hatparty: :hatparty:

    Congratulations!!!!!!!! It's always nice to be appreciated---especially for something you enjoy.
  4. by   ERNurse752
    You rock!
  5. by   Mimi Wheeze
    Stories like yours are part of what makes me want to be not only a nurse, but a GREAT nurse.

    Good for you! You just keep on braggin'!
  6. by   zudy
    Yahoo!! Another ER nurse is born!! Glad you had a good experience, hope you continue to love it.
  7. by   Nurse Ratched
    So tickled for you! I couldn't work ER for any money - I'm so glad there are folks like you that not only excel in it, but THRIVE in it .

    And how nice that the staff there shows their appreciation.
  8. by   ThirdWorldGirl
    WOOOHOOOO! I'm so excited, float pool office just called me and told me I'm getting pulled from med/surg to YEP you guess it..........ER!!!! I am so stoked about this, I wish I could just transfer to in there but the house supervisor told me last night that they are not hiring any more LVN's down there, keeping the ones they have, but only hiring RN's now, one more reason to go back to school Thanks guys for all your good thoughts, and words of encouragement :kiss