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Ever had a gut feeling about a patient? For instance, you just "knew" something wasn't right (or something was), but you couldn't put it into specifics? and then.....turned out you were right? ... Read More

  1. by   Brownms46
    I think I have to agree with the poster, that said...something to the effect, that those who coming into this field...already have these "gut feelings". At least to some degree. Now in LasVegasRN's case...that's a whole nuther thing...!

    I say this because as a student..I was helping deliver trays. When I entered the room of an elderly gentleman, I got the feeling that it wasn't the right tray for him. had his name on it...but something didn't look right. I went to the nurse working with me, and told him I didn't think this was the right tray for this pt. He took a look at me...and it seemed like he wanted to say something...but didn't. He took the tray, and put it back on the cart, and went to check the pt's orders. Seems the guy was ordered a clear liq diet, and not a reg one! When the nurse returned, and told me I was right...he asked..."How did you KNOW that it was the wrong diet?? All I could say...was it just didn't LOOK right. Along the way..the gut feeling has been right each, and everytime.

    Good thread!
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  2. by   nursing aussie
    yeah ive had an experience. i work in a nursing home as a nursing assistant or AIN as they are called here to get me through uni. i had this one resident one day who was fairly independent, and in first stages of dementia although he was able to understand instructions and carry out ADL's independently. i came on one morning and he looked strange. he had a vague look on his face and seemed to look straight through me. i knew this wasnt like him and i took his vitals. they didnt appear to be out of range but i knew there was something wrong. i rang my supervisor who said he has a UTI and that probably what was wrong with him. a few more hours passed and he got worse, he was having difficulty walking and could not comprehend what i was saying to him. i checked his vitals again and nothing really showed. i rang the supervisor again and they did not appear to be concerned. anyway i left that arvo and told arvo shift that the supervisor didnt seem to concerned but i felt there was something wrong and could they keep an eye on him. the next day i was informed that he had died overnight from multiple strokes.
  3. by   santhony44
    I've not only had things happen myself, I've seen them with other nurses too. Years ago I worked in a PICU. The patient in the next bed was a fairly new postop open heart (we got lots of heart defects). The nurse taking care of the baby kept saying that the baby was going to crash. The intensivist on that night kept blowing her off. VS, sats, etc. were fine.

    It wasn't long before we were coding the baby, who did *not* make it.

    I believe those who can smell cancer, too. I can't- but years back, as a fairly new nurse, we had a doc who did frequent cystos (back before everything was outpatient). I could step off the elevator and know he'd done one that day. After I got a few funny looks I stopped asking what he used that caused that peculiar smell. No one else could ever smell it!

    I trust my gut, and other people's too. Also moms about their children- if a mom says a kid just isn't right, someone better take a look!
  4. by   teeituptom
    Howdy yall
    From deep in the heat of texas

    Had a patient come in last night sharing his gut feelings all over the ER, After a huge helping if fajitas and refried beans and salsa, he has expressing his gut feelings quite loudly.................
  5. by   deespoohbear
    One of our family docs says he just "hates" it when we call him at 2 am and say "Mr. SoandSo doesn't look right." The doc says he knows when he gets one of those calls he figures he just better come on in because something is going down.

    If you ever have a pt look you in the eyes and say:" I am going to die.", better believe them and check that code status! Seen this more than once.

    One time my hubby and I were attending a funeral for a member of our church. One of the elderly gentlemen from our church was also there. I told my hubby that "John" didn't look right. Two days later he had massive CVA and died. Sometimes we just know.......