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I am a senior in a BSN program and the last couple of days make me wonder if I can in fact be a nurse. In my clinical I took care of a newborn baby that was suspected to have been shaken to the point... Read More

  1. by   gr8rnpjt
    Quote from fleur-de-lis
    If you are passionate about this, you might look into volunteering to be a children's advocate through the courts, if your area has something like this. It is basically someone impartial who volunteers to speak only on behalf of the child in this type case. The social worker often has the entire family to consider, the child advocate has only the child.

    This is an excellent idea. I just saw an ad in our local newspaper looking for people to volunteer. They offer classes for it.

    OP, please know that there is a purpose for each and every soul in the universe. This little baby may well have crossed your path to speak to you about your own purpose in life. Take comfort in knowing that having experienced this so early in your carreer will help you deal with this type of situation for the rest of your life as a nurse.
  2. by   royr
    Thank you to everyone that responded to my original post. I have spent my whole weekend in bed, so sick from this that I have suffered repeated waves of nausia and vomiting. My wife, daughter, American Bulldog and Cat (both rescued from animal shelters) decided to join me curled up in my bed - not throwing up). I finally got up the courage to go to school today and sit for the first of my Nursing finals. Your posts touched me and gave me what I needed to get back in and fight. I am going to complete my RN program and I am going to stick with pediatrics in the hope that someday my skills as a nurse will enable me to make some small difference in the life of one of the little ones that needs me ther to fight for them. I hope that I am up for the task, as I am quite sensitive to children having a Daughter of my own. I really apreciate all the support that boardmembers have given me in this situation. Thanks to all who responded!
  3. by   EmerNurse
    Royr - do hang in there - we NEED nurses like you in peds! Not everyone can do it, I know.

    I tried PICU, and left 2 months into the internship. There was a little kid, 2 yrs or so old, who'd been brutally beaten by mom's SO, and abused such that his anus was permanently about 3cm dilated. He was brain dead. This by itself CRUSHED me, but then, since it is a teaching hospital that does several multi-visceral transplants, mom agreed to organ donation and there was speculation about tissue matching on that abused little boy, to match other kids in the same ICU who needed transplants. That just did me in.

    Multi-vis transplants on kids who're already severely retarded or otherwise unhealthy just freaked me out too. Most of these kids were under state care or foster care or institutional care - parents nowhere in sight. It broke my heart every single day.

    Throughout the preceptorship (in which I did VERY well) we were told "if you can't handle it, it's ok to leave, we know it's not for everyone". When I left the preceptorship I was called Unprofessional for leaving halfway through. Still gets me mad - would it have been more professional to let them finish my training, work for a month and THEN quit?

    I learned Pedi icu isn't for me - may the good Lord bless those of you who do it every day. Your great hearts and emotional stamina hold me in awe.