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Judge court ordered 21 sex offenders in texas to place signs in their front yard saying danger sex offender and bumper stickers saying the same on their cars.Only in texas do they have the b---- to... Read More

  1. by   km rn
    The case of the little girl in California that was abducted from her own room and was raped and murdered by a serial offender should be a case history for all judges.

    The man that was convicted of murdering this girl had already raped at least 2 women and had served time/parole for those crimes. He should never have been released.
    The impact of rape, molestation lives with the victim/victim's family forever - the person that committed the crime should have to live with the consequences of his crime forever - life imprisonment.

    This type of criminal rarely assaults one victim. It is usually only after multiple victims that the person is caught. Why should we let them keep hurting others? What kind of justice is that?
  2. by   kjmta57
    well number one drugs,castration,etc has been tried and doesnt work this is a proven fact many predators use foreign objects to assult their victims.20 The mother and daddy hurt me when I was young also isnt so alot of children that are molested as children dont grow up to molest their own children. and not all child molesters were molested as children some came from very normal families and can not really tell you why they do it just that they have a hard time controlling theirselves.and again especially in california we have alot of prison advocate groups with lawyers who advocate against stronger sentences.except we do have the third strike law but guess what a lot of the repeat offenders just leave the state and paroles cant keep up with it.In california a inmate can ask for dna testing and the state pays for it,out of 160,000 inmates in california 50 has asked for it.the island thing wouldnt work either because a inmate can sue you and you as a taxpayer pays for the lawsuit and you s a taxpayer are suppose to protect them against harm,a catch 22 isnt it?Inmates get 1000 and 1000 of dollars of taxpayers money all the time.
  3. by   Navy Nurse
    Being from Texas, it is great to take the lead and try to make things right. I do however think this idea is not good. It looks very discriminating to me. Why do we just punish the sex offender? Where are the signs and car stickers for people convicted of Drug, DWI, Murder crimes, etc? What about prostitutes and people convicted of solicting prostitutes? What about spouse and child beaters?
    Wouldn't you want to know if they live in the neighbor. I am not against signs, I just think it is unfair to single out one group without including the whole group of criminals.
  4. by   gvar
    In Oregon we also post signs. An add is placed in the newspaper for the area the offender is moving to. Signs are posted around town and radio ads are often heard. This is only done while they are on probation. Most violent sex offenders are required by law to notify the local police when they move into an area (yeah, right).
  5. by   jamistlc
    Originally posted by night owl:
    <STRONG>Here's my opinion: The government should fly them all to a desserted island, drop them out of the plane and leave them there!!! NO FUSS N0 MUSS PERIOD. </STRONG>
    This is my thought, intervention is not effective unless the behavior is noted and treated in very early childhood. And then there is those who were molested/raped in their childhood and become prediators themselves, the cycle continues! There is no one solution and for an adult the signs thing maybe a way to noify nieghbors to beware! I think for adults who do this sort of thing very stringent restraints be they chemical, castration, or isolation is the only way to deal with them. I also agree that statutory rape is different especially if there was parental consent. And as such should be treated differently! The institutionalization factor is very true regardles of the offense we need a different way to deal with our socirties misbehaviors in general.

    As for the kids who continue the cycle there is means to retrain them and it is worth the monetary value to do so. But if these same youth do it as an adult they need the book thrown at them. I kind of like the idea of an island (Aussie was a penal island at first) but where, the Artic? And lets not forget that there are FEMALE perps too! If we send them to the island they will procreate! And the cycle continues!

    Very frustrating to say the least