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  1. I'm discouraged.
    I know the whole why do you nurses eat your young thread is still active and maybe this fits there, not quite sure.....
    the unit I work on has a great mix of junior/newer and senior/experienced nurses. For me this has been beneficial cuz I have found the learning goes both ways - They have educated me in the art and science of nursing and I have been able to share new perspectives,opinions and knowledge that they might not have had the chance to encounter.
    but ,as the old story goes haha there is this one nurse (damn that one nurse is everywhere huh?)
    anyway everytime one of the nurses who is her junior is around she just oozes of self inflicted superiority over us. I respect that you've been a nurse for 30 years , I think its awesome! however my nursing practice is not only shaped by the number of years I've been nursing,however few in comparison they seem to yours - but also from my beliefs about what nursing means to me and the importance of my role on the people I am caring for. And that my friend cannot be measured mearly by time frames such as days months years.
    she is able to get away with making stark generalizations about the "new generation of nurses" , I would assume no one confronts her on these narrowminded generalizations because she has already paid her dues or what not, but I dont think its fair to say things like "the nurses coming up now dont care about patient care the way we did" or "she's still too wet behind the ears to do that!"
    I care immensely about patient care, it might not always show because I dont have the time that you might have had years ago to take care of the patients the way I would like to - I would love to wash everyones hair everyday and whatnot but its just not realistic these days . It doesnt mean it isnt a priority to me, it just means that we are struggling now, more than ever to do all the thing s we want to, to be the nurses that many of you have inspired and supported us to be.
    I just find it rather doublestandardish that she can say things like what I mentioned above , but If I were to run around saying "ohmygod shes too old to do that" or "those older nurses dont care about the advancements in technology and medication the way we do"
    it would be wrong for me to say that beacuse it simply isnt true
    some of us may be younger, some of us may be older
    exprienced and not so experienced
    nervous and calm
    all in all we are nurses and we each bring something to the table, respect what each person has to offer, I'm trying to........
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  3. by   Q.
    I think it's a reflection of the generation gap between Boomers and GenXers. AJN had a great article on the subject; if I can find the link I will post it.
  4. by   renerian
    I think you need to say what you have said here to the person who is disrupting your unit. My preceptor rode my butt to the end of my time there. She told me I was to nice!!!!!! I finally one day had enough of her negativity and rudeness and gave her a piece of my mind. She never bothered me after that.

  5. by   boggle
    I've been around more than a few years. I've found those nurses that ooze negitivity and criticism showed that attitude pretty soon after they were off orientation/probation.

    It's an attitude that shows in more of their opinions than their nursing opinions, too. What a miserable way to live their lives. (Pretty miserable for the rest of us who have to listen to them day after day!)

    Hang in there Wendy! I doubt you can change her, but your positive, kind manner will shine through. Character does count!!!
  6. by   P_RN
    I LOVE new nurses and I LOVE students. If I tell you about the olden days it's more for entertainment than putting down. Sheesh, do you think we LIKED having reusable needles and glass thermometers.

    Please remember that all of us "OLD" nurses are not necessarily the negative ones. I have precepted many, many new nurses and most, not all, expressed appreciation for what I helped them learn.

    I will say when I did come across a new graduate who said "Someone else will have to do the baths, I'm not ruining my hands on that" , I wanted to beat her negative little backside.

    Oh BTW she left after about 3 months. Just long enough to get through probation and start blue cross.
  7. by   Alley Cat
    The longer I'm in nursing, the more I realize it's not how long a person has been in nursing or their current job, it's their general outlook on life that makes them so negative. I think seniority gets blamed a lot for negative attitudes, and it probably figures in a little, but overall I've found it's the person themselves. Several RN's I know currently have been in nursing less years, and are sometimes more negative than I am. Hang in there, Wendee--your caring shows through, and it will win out in the end. Your organization will improve as you go; and just when you've figured it out, it'll change!:chuckle Don't let one rotten apple spoil the whole bunch--and some of us old-timers are willing to learn a new thing or two ourselves. :wink2:
  8. by   Tweety
    I'm like you, I soak up the knowledge of the new grads. I'm forever asking them questions, because they have fresh book knowledge.

    There's a nurse that occasionally float to our floor, and not once does she fail to mention "I've been working here 30 years......insert rant, or whatever".....always 100%. I wonder sometimes deep down there may be a little fear and insecurity there. Her book knowledge isn't near what these new grads have and perhaps she's threatened and has to assert her "experience".
  9. by   baseline
    I pretty much agree with everything that has been said here, especially that negativity has nothing to do with longevity. My mom's words of wisdom fit here..."If they are a grumpy 86 year old...they were probably a grumpy 30 year old. We don't all get grumpy because we get older.....".

    I am also long in the ears......been here awhile.....and am always willing to share my experience and give my support.....

    I am also willing to learn.....I learn from everyone...nurses, techs, housekeepers...there is always something to learn.

    My advice is to vent.....and let it go...she will not change....after all she said she has 30 plus years of experience doing it!!! Let it go and enjoy your experiences.........and remember not to become her.........30 years from now!!!!!:roll
  10. by   SmilingBluEyes
    I think Suzy's post is interesting...but I could not disagree MORE, despite what AJN may say. See, I am a So-Called "boomer"...just entered nursing late in life (34). I work with many from both Gen-X generation and Boomers....also I work with one unbelievably "hip" nurse with more than 42 years' service who is awe-inspiring (from the so-called Greatest Generation, I believe we would label her). I think it goes beyond generation gaps...

    WE ALL HAVE SOMETHING OF VALUE TO BRING TO THE TABLE; WE ALSO ALL HAVE MUCH TO LEARN. We can be each others' best teachers, or worst thorn in the side....

    I have learned a lot from folks w/less time in nursing than ears and eyes are WIDE open...I am always learning something new....I don't care the source.......I have seen many w/less than 10 years be so stuck in their their young would mistake them for "boomers" I guess, in their staid attitudes. These people will frustrate the hell out of you.....To me, it is about attitude...and one is a sour grape, not much you can do. You will run across many more sour people in your time goes by....don't let the jerks get you down! I would ignore her and and blow it off. Life is WAYYY to short! You will do GREAT; you have so much to offer, Wendee. Don't let one person get to you this way.:kiss
  11. by   hapeewendy
    wow my friends its amazing what a little ranting and raving and venting will do for your soul!
    I ran into superiority complex nurse at work last night and was my calm cool collected self, even when she started hurling orders at me

    as you are all aware I think the world of you, and know where to come for pure from the heart advice and suggestion. Your words have helped, much as they usually do .
    I think I just felt like I was back in nursing school or something, which isnt entirely bad because we will learn something new every day and are all students in life , but I didnt appreciate the dictating and constant plethora of questioning that followed
    but like I said , my practice is what I make of it
    I'm doing this whole nursing thing for a reason (what that reason might be sometimes escapes me but its never really lost)
    thanks again
    I'm learning that conflicts and differences in opinion are bound to occur and that they are not "bad" or "wrong" - which is a big step for a conflict avoider such as myself
  12. by   baseline
    You go girl..........!!!!!!!!!
    Good for you!
  13. by   Jenny P
    Wendy, have you ever asked her WHY she questions you so much? The fact that she was "dictating and constant plethora of questioning that followed" makes me wonder about what her problem is? It sounds like she thinks she IS your teacher, and if it was happening to me I'd gently ask her what her program is?
    Hey, maybe give her that article in the Oct. issue of Nursing 2002 about "My Worst Enemy" and ask her if she thinks that that was an appropriate way for one nurse to treat another!
    I don't know, from your comments here it sounds like she is stuck in that particular era of nursing when the senior nurses DID do that. Maybe she needs to know that it isn't viewed (by the younger nurses) as helpful today.
  14. by   hapeewendy
    hey thanks for all your supportive words.....
    just to add briefly the other night when I was at work one of the more senior nurses mentioned to me that she had overheard the way the nurse I spoke about in my initial post spoke to me and other "younger" nurses and she said that she felt it was unacceptable and that this nurse has been talking this way to people (junior and senior alike) for a long time now.
    I didnt say anything because despite the fact that I may be in 100% agreement with this I will never get into talking about someone at work behind their back,hard not to join in and agree but I cant do that, dont like unit politics as it is, and dont want to do anything to make them worse.
    anyway this other nurse is very supportive and is becoming more and more of a role model for my own practice, which feels good. This nurse also casually mentioned that the first nurse I was speaking about forgets to do her blood sugars every night so no ones perfect, perhaps I should question her on whether she understands the importance of glucose monitoring ? :chuckle
    (I'm just kidding, just a lil light humour there)
    and Jenny P - always good to see you my friend! you know me by now that I will always take a learning opportunity when one presents itself but hubboy her method just sucks! haha
    have a good weekend everyone!