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I'm discouraged. I know the whole why do you nurses eat your young thread is still active and maybe this fits there, not quite sure..... the unit I work on has a great mix of junior/newer and... Read More

  1. by   Jenny P
    Wendy, my first head nurse was like that and forced me out of a job I liked because of that type of attitude. Between that article in the October Nursing 2002 and your thread here; it really brings it home to me. This was the way we were treated when we were "newbies" back in the 60's! I can remember being told that "someday you will be a good nurse" and I felt so GOOD! That was high praise back then! Can you imagine that!

    I don't believe in this method; I feel I am still learning every day myself. If I can't mentor or help someone in the workplace; I won't speak behind thier back, nor will I belittle them. If I have a problem with someone; I ask or tell them so.

    Why do nurses think this is still acceptable behavior?