Selected for AF Nurse Corp!

  1. Don't know yet when I'll be going to Officer Training School, or where I'll be stationed (hoping for Travis AFB 1* NE of San Fran), but I got the word today that I was selected! It's very exciting! If there's any military nurses out there who could tell me what I should get in writing before I take the oath, or any pointers, tips, or advice it would be much appreciated. Good-bye and good riddance to the BS of civilian hospital nursing! Hello to travel,4 weeks vaca, a nice pension /p 20 years service, and the honor of serving the country! I'm sure there's plenty of BS in the AF too but the benes will make it worth it.
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  3. by   live4today
    CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU, enurse! I think you'll like the Air Force. It's the best branch to be in! Good luck to you!
  4. by   Agnus
    AF is truly the friendliest service toward women. (I was army) What to get in writing? Everything that you truly want and expect. Nothing, I repeat Nothing, verbal is binding.
  5. by   Mary Dover
    My husband is in the Air Force x 11 years now. He and I have only been married for a little more than 6 months. I will say this regarding Air Force life, they take care of the entire family. There is as much support available regarding adjustment to military life for family members as there is for personnel. Congratulations and good luck.
  6. by   maire
    My husband has been in the AF for 20 years...Mary Dover is correct, they do take care of the family.
    Congo rats to you and best of luck, and if you wind up in New Jersey let me know!