Schools that arent hard to get into for ADN

  1. I'm interested in applying to ADN programs. My grades arent the best so I'm really stressing. I'm really determined and I'm so motivated to become a nurse. Does anyone know of any ADN schools that arent hard to get into? I'm willing to travel anywhere in the USA.

    Thank you!
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  3. by   sissyboo
    I think about ALL ADN programs are difficult to get in to. But just start making application to them. Some of them require testing to get in and only go based on the test and/or GPA. Mine was based on several factors, but no testing. Be sure you can write a heck of an essay about why you want to be a nurse or why you would make a good nurse (or whatever random essay they will have you do with the application). Grades may be a big part of admissions but they're not everything...Good luck.
  4. by   puresass
    maybe try a program that just has pre-reqs & a first come, first served waitlist? everyone EVENTUALLY gets in, it just takes time & patience.
  5. by   blueyesue
    Ever think of a technical college? Mine lets you in after an assessment test, proof that you have had your CNA license sometime within 15 years, (it doesn't have to be current) and send in your high school or GED transcripts you are in, and automatically on the waiting list. It has nothing to do with your GPA.

    So, maybe apply to a technical college, and in the mean time apply at a few other colleges, and start taking your pre-reqs. The way they weed out in my school is if you fail (get a D) twice in a science you are out of the program, and have to start all over on the waiting list.
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  6. by   nurse4theplanet
    My program was a first come, first serve admit process...but it has now switched to pre-testing, competitive GPA, etc. requirements. I don't know what other programs in my area require for admission.

    Is there any way you can retake some of your classes to increase your GPA. I know that takes time, but in reality, if you find a program that is first come/first serve there will probably be a 2+ year wait...that's how long our wait was when I applied.