School in VA - Work in PA

  1. Hi all,
    I am wondering if I should attend school in the state where I want to work or is it easy enough to go to school in one state and then get licensed in another? I currently live in VA (for the past 2 years) and I want to work in PA (where I grew up at). If I go to school here in VA (for 2 years) will I need to do anything to take the licensing test in PA? I know I will have to have transferable credits to continue my education in PA but is the nurse training/requirements different from state to state?
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  3. by   sunnybrook83
    As long as your school is accredited by NLN shouldn't have any problems sitting for boards in PA. I went to school in MD and took boards in PA - then you just filled out where you wanted to take boards at on the NCLEX application (of course that was in the old days when it was a 2 day exam on paper!!)
    Good luck!
  4. by   purplemania
    I had no problem getting my TN license verified when I moved to TX. Many states are now "compact", which means a license in one is good in all. Check with the Board of Nursing for VA or PA to find out about Compact States.
  5. by   Katnip
    You also might want to talk to your board in VA. If you graduate in VA, you may be able to apply for license in PA but still take the exam in VA before you move.

    Most states are allowing this now since it's the same exam.
  6. by   angeljr88
    Im in VA also going for my license just ask the board or the dean of nursing at the school you attend
  7. by   New CCU RN
    I went to school in CT was from RI and got a VA license without any problem. Your school just needs to be NLN accredited.