scheduled demise?

  1. :stone I had another one today-a family that I really thought was well on the way to GETTING IT has greatly disappointed me....I got a call today requesting antibiotics for the resident because something important is coming up this weekend for a member of the family and they don't want the resident to get sick and die and ruin their fun... I was speechless for a second or two and then I did my duty and turfed her to the doc....sure enough,within 20 mins I got a call from the doc with an order for antibiotics...What should I have put for the diagnosis? "for the treatment of the selfish family"? I wonder when it will be a good day for the resident to die....Certainly not Memorial Day weekend-would not want to ruin the cookouts.....Not July 4th-too close to the week at the shore.....I wonder when we can fit it in? I'll do my best...... :uhoh21: Please dear Lord help me to keep my mouth shut....
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  3. by   gwenith
    As if A/bs are going to stop an MI, CHF, PE or any one of a dozen ways that can take out a the frail elderly.

  4. by   meownsmile
    Maybe they just had an important weekend ahead, wait till they have to go out of town for the weekend. Thats when they bring them into the ER, of course they have a UTI and have to stay a couple days for IV antibiotics. Family gets respit care, and i have a confused little old lady pulling iv lines all weekend.