Schedule blood draw times.

  1. I am a IV nurse at one of the VA hospital. We do a lot of blood draw during the course of the day. I am wanting to know if any hospital has schedule times for draw or if three doctors place orders for three different test in the course of one hour draw them up as they come off the computer? Always thought it would be nice to let staff and patients to know that we will be on a floor around a specific time. Any help on this or just general info on what other hospitals do. Thanks.
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  3. by   steelcityrn
    Usually where I have worked, ordered labs would fall to a certain time where routine labs are drawn. This would be 4 pm, 7pm, 10pm ect... Stats would be drawn asap. There would also be timed draws that would pull the routine draws with it. It does not make sence to collect numerous labs at different times if they can be grouped together.
  4. by   noahsmama
    At the peds hospital where I used to work, routine blood draws were done at 0700 and 1900, and were drawn by phlebotomists who came to the floor. Stat blood draws were generally done by the nurse at the time ordered, although if an order for a stat blood draw came up right around the time the phlebotomists were doing their rounds and if the same pt had routine labs, I would generally try to find the phlebotomist and ask them to add the stat draw so the pt wouldn't have to be poked again. Phlebotomists were generally fine with this as long as I brought them the appropriate tube and label and a copy of the order.
  5. by   classicdame
    unless stat, the phlebotomist has "rounds" for each nursing unit. If nurse collects specimen it is either stat or urgent (not routine) or thru central line.
  6. by   TheCommuter
    The rehab hospital where I am employed uses an outside laboratory for all blood draws. The only exceptions are STAT and urgent draws, which are performed by the nurse. In addition, the nurse draws the blood if the patient has a central line since this is not within the phlebotomy tech's scope of practice.

    The scheduled times for the outside lab to perform blood draws is 3am and 12pm.
  7. by   linearthinker
    Were drew scheduled AM labs at 3am the last place I worked. At the place before that it was 5am. Additional labs were drawn t/o the day whenever they were ordered.