Scandal...I may have my license revoked? help - page 3

Okay hypothetically, I am a nurse of 2+years at a hospital. I relieved a nurse who told me that a pt needed dressing changes frequently and the day shift nurse previous had given her a similar... Read More

  1. by   enmack
    the problem is that the only person the director is willing to sacrifice is me, there are also other things in play that may not have been mentioned in my post to protect identity. One med was given late and one order was entered late.
  2. by   bosnanurse
    As I said before , as soon this drama is over and you pick up pieces of your dreams in your hand ..RUUUUNNNNNNN......... They can not do anything to you except to fire you . Firing would be blessing if you work in a such environment and you know that you are doing right. Bow and say: Thank you , you saved me misery!!!
    But also fight!! If you see that it is a set up ( and it looks like one) then do not settle until you pull a few heads with you down to earth. Call agencies that oversee work ask them what to do, call your attorney , (I hope you have your personal insurance) ,
    Small person can do many things.."Look up at the sky. Ask yourselves: is it yes or no? Has the sheep eaten the flower? And you will see how everything changes . . . " Little prince ))
    Good luck to you. There is soo many nice places to work and nice people to share responsibilities with . Too bad we have to deal with this on routine.