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Hey I just saw on the news that a thousand people have been quarentined at a hospital in Toronto! Do you all know anything about this? I hope our Toronto members are alright. Is this virus... Read More

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    I'm a little concerned about hearing that patients suspected/exposed to SARS are going home...even with HHC...did I misunderstand this? I mean, can we really trust the general public to understand the situation and behave appropriately with a bug that has infected healthy people in their 40's? Shouldn't we be using supervised quarantine on ALL suspected cases?? Particularly if they suspect this is airborne......

    I'm shuddering thinking of the movie with Dustin Hoffman and Rene Russo...'Outbreak'. Scary scary movie. I know we 'mustn't panic' but I also am suspect of the info we are and are not receiving about this bug....

    Perhaps I'm over reacting. If so ya'll please set me straight ...LOL!
  3. by   Little One2
    In Toronto, there are now fifteen who have passed away from suffering from SARS.

    Here are a few stories I have heard:

    -there is a guy who was suspected of having SARS, instead of following the order of going home and being under quarantee; he decides to go to work. His coworkers are aware that he did have SARS. The supervisor told him to go home. The police (I believe) came, this guy had to take up a bed in the hospital and be guarded by police because he won't stay home - refused to be quarantee. This same guy said he didn't want to miss a day of work.

    A guy from my church works at the same company but on a different shift. Imagine - this at my church could possibly pick up the germs and bring them into the church. Exposing a few hundred people to SARS.

    -a guy at my brother's office was off for ten days(at home under quarantine). He returns to work - on the fourteenth day, he contracts SARS.

    -someone started showing signs of SARS on the tenth day of quarantine

    Makes you wonder if ten days is enough time to be under quarantine.

    Patients are now being sent home suspected of being exposed under the condition that they voluntarily remain under quarantine. They provide the patient with masks. It is scary, because the family can easily contract the virus. I was thinking, there should be a building devoted to taking care of SARS patients. In order to contain the virus in one location.

    The nurses who work both in the community and hospital were not to work in both places. But now they can return. This increase the risk of transferring SARS into homes if the nurses are not using proper precautions.
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    Hum........I just got home from Toronto- great city.

    Lots of "stories" but we really need to be factual at a time like this.

    For those interested at good link:

    Worth taking the time to read.
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    From what I understood the cops were not called to enforce the quarantine in any cases so far. Unfortunately with so many people in isolation it would be impossible to supervise them all. I am not really that concerned about contracting SARS in public places or anything like that.

    I think it is interesting that this disease has us all reeling when it has killed less than 20 people and no one talks about the plain old flu that will kill over a thousand people this year. I'm much more likely to die in a car accident or something, so I am trying not to let the media hype get me over-paranoid.
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    At the present time, the case fatality rate in Canada is estimated at approximately 4.7% of probable or suspect cases (13 of 274 probable or suspect cases). Most of the case fatalities occurred in patients with underlying illness, and nearly all were elderly patients over the age of 70 years.

    I thought that was especially important JMP, so I picked it out. Thanks for the link
  7. by   ainitfunny
    I think before we use flu death statistics to minimize the apparant seriousness of SARS we should take note of the fact that SARS HAS A FATALITY RATE 400 TIMES GREATER THAN FLU. And remember CDC has said it is "as contagious as smallpox".

    I don't see any reason to be not very concerned about the possible spread of this disease.

    Also in Canada they have a death rate that makes it one person dying for every 21 people who contract it. (for the percentage challenged)
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    I think suspected SARS should be quarintined for longer then 10 days some are not getting sick for up to 14 days after exposure. Perhaps the healther you are the longer for symptoms. Ther eare some young (40's) healthy that have died with no other underlyning disease processes.
    Here are some links there is not alot in the Sun today as Mike Wier became the first Canadian to ever bring the Masters Jacket North of the border.

    4 more ill with SARS

    5 more deaths in Hong Kong

    So Near No Fear

    PS. I have to phone Canadore College today to see if our Surigcal Nursing course is still on hold. Wish me Luck. Can't wait to get back to work even with this SARS
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    I am not trying to minimize it, but the fact is the flu has killed more people and the people dying from SARS are the same ones dying from the flu (largely elderly with underlying health issues). I realize the young and healthy can get ill with it as well, but they are basically recovering from it.
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    fergus51, your arguement is just as valid against paying to much attention to an outbreak of 3000 CASES OF SMALLPOX.
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    Good morning everyone.
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    Smallpox is a different beast altogether as it kills healthy people easily. This hasn't been the case with SARS. The population most at risk are still the elderly and those with underlying health issues, which is what makes it comparable to influenza.
    And again, I am not trying to say we should just ignore it. I just think we need to have some perspective on the matter. The newspapers here are writing articles bordering on the hysterical when I just don't think it's called for.
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  13. by   oramar
    Wasn't there a headline that stated Chinese health authorities are concerned because the latest spate of deaths are in young, healthy adults? Also, I saw another marching headline that said both China and Canada have discovered cluster of infections that were previously undetected. This is one bug you don't want to underestimate because they are not 100% sure of anything yet. Even that identification of a heretofore unknown corona virus as the cause is only tentative. Another problem is the vector. Are there superspreaders? Are there cockroaches spreading it or did people step in puddles and spread it that way? When there are so many questions it does not pay to become hysterical or complacent.