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Hey I just saw on the news that a thousand people have been quarentined at a hospital in Toronto! Do you all know anything about this? I hope our Toronto members are alright. Is this virus... Read More

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    I have PM'd Wendy with my support, but I wanted to go public on this thread with my opinion: she needs to protect herself, because we need her in this world and the profession needs her. And yes, she is indeed a professional that we can be proud of.
    I, too, have an autoimmune condition ("Lupus lite", my doctor has called it). When my hospital system was asking for people to take the smallpox vaccine, I was asked if I would do so. My background is Critical Care, although now I'm Administrative, and I would have been an ideal candidate. I asked my Rheumatologist, who told me not to do it. Should I, as a healthcare professional, have thrown myself on the sword and done it anyway? Risked my health, and possibly my life, in the service of my calling? (Pause here for dramatic organ music). Hey, I'm insured, so my family would have been cared for.
    Instead, I took what some on this board may view as the cowardly and "unprofessional" way out; I refused, citing my condition and my physician's words. I'm not a complete wimp; I've hauled my dead body to work sick more than once, puked in trash cans and worn a mask at a patient's bedside when I had a respiratory infection. I've accepted physical and verbal abuse from the sick and confused (as well as from my stressed peers, but that's another thread). Like Wendy, I wish I was 100% healthy and could do whatever needed to be done at no cost to myself. And yes, I feel like poop about myself, especially after reading the opinions of some colleagues on this board.
    Wendy has so much intelligence and exuberance to give to her peers and her future patients. She also has an obligation to guard herself, if only for those who value her. And I would gladly go toe-to-toe with anyone who challenges her professinalism.
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    i've said this before and will say it agian for wendy and mousenurse, as well as others in their position. as professionals we musst takes care of our own health and safety ao we can better deal with others. take care of your self first. with that said some more links.

    ailing nurse on road to recovery

    medics gambled on health and won

    aussies clear 3 ro kids

    world death climbs to 100

    survivor pleads for tolerance

    funreal posed risk

    tips on handling stress

    no magic bullet
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    HELLO!!!!!??? Anyone out there with a clue who actually read my posts???? Seems like people "scan" these days...not actually read.

    Lets set the record straight OK???

    My original post related to a post by PASSING THRU, who gave Wendy the advice to "stay home...quit her job..... AND live off credit cards". Now, this was the unprofessional post that I took exception to. This poster (Passing Thru) has made posts in the past and as recently as last night that I find irritating, sillly and questionable.

    Wendy, from what I read, is home, with a respiratory illness.... resting and I am sure ( and hope feeling better). It is not easy or fun right now to work with SARS. It is a challenge and it is stessful.

    People get sick=people stay home. No problem. To react like a hysterical hyennia and give advice that a RN should quit-live off credit in my books sucks the big one. However, I see by subsequent posters that to point that out was not "supportive". I stand by my opinion. The advice was unprofessional.
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    darn, I had this great response all typed up and then whammo gone , anyhow I'll keep this simple...

    thank you to everyone for caring so much, I cannot begin to tell you how much it means to me that I have a place where I can come and talk about a situation that is affecting me on a personal and professional level and not only get support but helpful practical advice, so thanks (and nursemouse, your words made me feel so much better, i have been feeling misearbly - physically and emotionall the past few days)

    anyhow moving on, SARS is still very real here ,10th death confirmed and they are querying an 11th death..... some of the nurses I work with are under quarantine and some are in hospital getting treatment for suspected/probable SARS , my semester in school came to an abrupt end and we still dont know when or if we are doing an exam.......... its all very trying and frustrating, some of my classmates have taken care of the SARS patients who have passed away ,so as you can imagine ,they are not in a frame of mind, heck I dont think any of us are , to be studying right now.

    wearing the N95 mask is no treat, you are basically rebreathing your own C02, it makes you dizzy lightheaded and lethargic, after my 12 hour shifts I Feel like I have worked doubles, it affects our interaction with our patients and frightens a lot of elderly/confused patients.

    on a personal note ,my own health scare was sobering , I woke up in the morning with a temp of 38.6 , SOB , and muscle stiffness and pain, the thoughts running through my head were "what if "
    you know , perhaps its could be SARS related, that in my opinion is not hysteria or paranoia, its fear...

    yes although the people who have died had underlying health concerns, normally healthy individuals have also contracted SARS, many of them my fellow nurses.

    I wont argue with anyone here , I dont feel this is a time to argue, however I do see your point JMP , but making comments about us not bothering to read, or can any of us read etc is insulting and frustrating.
    you have , on many occasions expressed your point of view, and i respect that greatly, my point of view is somewhat different.....

    you post about supporting the ability instead of the disability of our fellow nurses, and that nurses who choose to work in acute care need to understand what can happen in these settings....

    I would like to just explain that I didnt choose to get lupus *what kind of an idiot would choose that?* and although, thankfully on a day to day basis it does not affect my work at all, I dont think I should be looked down upon , or questioned when my health does become an issue

    we all have such compassion for our patients, the general public ,but what about compassion for eachother?

    we need nurses, we need good ,caring, intelligent, compassionate nurses , if some of these nurses have health concerns or injuries , then accomodation should be made for them, not special treatment, accomodation , two different ideas there...

    I put myself in someone elses shoes on a daily basis , we have nurses who have serious back injuries , a nurse with cancer etc and our unit would not be as good as it is without them......
    the acute care setting needs their brains and their competency.......
  6. by   JMP

    you are right- I was harsh. I guess I am getting more frustrated and running shorter on nerves than I thought.

    Could it be that I am retaining C02? Really, all aside.....I was wrong to be so hard and also hard hearted.

    If I added to your sadness or stress...I am sorry.
  7. by   hapeewendy
    I dont believe that you are hard hearted..
    thats not what I'm saying...

    and you didnt add to my sadness or my stress....

    I just wanted you to see the other side of the coin is all

    point/counterpoint right

    at least we agree on something ......... namely the postings of one person inparticular ....... woot fer that
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    Hope everyone is having a SARS free day

    Class Isolated

    Three SARS patients infected scores

    Lock out has Dad fuming

    Hong Kong feels worse to come

    SARS clinic angers patients relatives

    On a happier note it is going to be 11'C today. Bright sunny is spring finally here?
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    good morning everyone. hope you are in good health

    student sparks scare ( over 1000 quarantined)

    walmart bans company trips to toronto

    patient must go it alone

    md: china hid sars details

    doc test for cure
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    more news none of it good

    workplace case a first for u.s.

    sars scare makes flyers silly in philly

    pm springs for chinese

    fear shuts school

    nursing home sits idle

    charges for sars

    u.s. victims family backs china's story

    sars cases in 2 more asian countries: u.s warns against travel to china
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    This stuff is scary for sure. My hubby has a convention in Denver next week...I wish he wouldn't travel during this outbreak...anybody have any info re SARS throught the Denver area/airport?

    So far haven't heard of any cases here in the Fort Worth Texas area but with DFW airport here it may not be too long, I know.

    One CDC report that ended up in my local nurse newsletter: acute facilities should consider surgical masks on ALL patients with cough, fever and SOB sx to try and control droplets..

    'Course I can just hear my new admit COPDrs with URI sx complaining if I try to put a mask on them. If this is airborne we need the HEPA type masks, no? And they are too expensive for the hospital to provide all staff with 'em....<sigh> if this thing is airborne it is going to be difficult.

    Take care everyone out there and stay safe. (((HUGS))) to all...particularly those in outbreak areas. Ya'll are in my prayers.
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    (I'm fairly new here) I just wanted all of you to know my prayers are with you. So far we have only 1 suspected case here in Arizona, but a few in the neighboring states. I don't know how I would or will feel being in your situation. Seems like the longer I'm in nursing (going on 20 yrs), the more dangerous it becomes.
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    Good Morning all.
    Hope everyone is doing ok. Wendy how are you? Well I hope.

    they didn't shrink from visit

    SARS hurting tourism is city:Eves

    SARS flying In

    SARS Spreads