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  1. Are there any nurses involved in sales? My good friend who I used to work with has offered me a dynamite job, no oncall, no weekends, no holidays as a Sales Rep. Wondered if anyone has ever done this? It is a salary, good ammount, plus commission. Would love to know some of the pros and cons as well as tips on any books I could read since I have no sales experience....

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  3. by   christianRN
    My hubby is a nurse in medical sales. He absolutely loves it. He NEVER works a weekend or a holiday, and he makes about 3 times as much as I do (as a full-time RN). He represents a homecare company that provides home O2, home TPN, home enteral feed, as well as hospital beds, walkers, wheelchairs, etc. His job mostly consists of visiting doctors' offices and giving them luncheons (all while educating them about what all his company does). He had no sales experience, but he's got a great personality...
  4. by   renerian
    Thanks Christian. I know the top rep with this company makes over 100,000 per year.........LOL and Lord knows I have never even come close to that doing nursing! How long has he been doing it? Ask him if you could if he can recommend any books maybe that would be good for me to read.

  5. by   Peeps Mcarthur

    I've done outside sales for everything from an embroidery company to a couple of coffee services. I've read books on the subject,but nothing will ever compare to the raw training of being out there with the company car and a stack of business cards trying to get the buyers phone #.

    Before accepting a sales position you should consider the safety nets in place.

    How are the leads generated ?

    This is a biggie..............For example,once I worked in a "boileroom" type sales job selling ad space for an upcoming sports event. They claimed to have "warm leads"(past customers,or those that showed a genuine interest). It was nothing more than a list of business numbers and I was making cold calls. I managed to get through some of the secretaries with all out charm,but I never made a dime. 2 days worth of phone calls off a phone list and all I had to show for it was that I generated genuine warm leads for the company. It was straight comission:stone ..and that would be my next question.

    How is the compensation set up?
    Is there a base salary?.....................It's kind of a thorn in the employer's side because they would not want you to scarf up a wage without production,but you have to be realistic. It's going to take you awhile fumbling around with the basics before you get your first sale. All companies say that their training is comprehensive,but few ever deliver on that,so you're just going to have to stumble around until you bumb into your first sale. It would be nice to not have to eat at gas stations for lunch until then.

    What does the sales trainning REALLY consist of?

    My first real sales job was for Cain's coffee service in Kansas city. A very supportive, nurturing enviroment. My sales manager's name was Terry Baker and he patiently taught me the right way to go about selling. Whenever he would get a call from a customer of mine(they will never take the time to call to compliment you) he would show me where I went wrong. I will never forget his wisdom and kindness. Cain's has a tradition of how they train thier sales people. They duplicate success. Terry Baker was trained the same way I was and so on. He knew I would be a great salesman because he saw a little of him in me.

    Wow,I could go on and on(the "just keep talking till they buy" strategy...:chuckle ) the best advice I can give you is to follow your instincts here. What kind of "vibes" do you get off the sales manager. In most company structures the sales manager gets a cut off your production. If they are truly confident that you would fit,then that's thier money talking,and that's a good indicator.

    I've never had a medical sales job,but I have the feeling that I might some day
  6. by   Peeps Mcarthur
    BTW................about the books.

    Go to the business section in any bookstore. There's a new book about selling every ten minutes. You will never read them all.

    Don't go out and buy one of those "selling programs".....they all suck.

    The best training you'll ever get will come from your potential customer.

    Each one that becomes a new customer,and the ones you haven't sold yet,will teach you how.

    Everytime you get a "no",it will hurt after all your hard work,but it is how you will be taught what potential customers really want........................and THAT is all you really need to find out.

    Geeze,now you got all the ol' salesman jucies flowing

    One important note:
    All companies have the line about the rep making ungodly sums of money. I myself have heard the story of the golden rep over, and over at every sales interview I have ever had. I'm not saying that they're liars,but your potential income is based on YOUR ability not ol' goldfinger be advised and informed.
  7. by   renerian
    Wow what good insight you have! Yes they have a base and it is very good. They have a good, so far as I have heard, sales program where you go for a week to the corporate office in Minnesota. I would also shadow another sales rep for a short period. I did cold calls for home health as a administrator so I am comfortable with dealing with the window witches and such. LOL. I am going to the library today.

    Thanks so much. I will keep you posted....

  8. by   Peeps Mcarthur
    AHH...Window Witches.AKA: The Gatekeeper LOL

    Speaking of good old coldcalling.

    I did that once from my home. Just a TV tray for a desk and a call list:roll .....Try impressing a prospect with your offering when you feel like a little kid with a toy phone playing "consultant".

    If they would actually send you to training(they pay for everything) then I'm impressed.

    Unless your time is spent with a sales rep that actually gets a cut out of your production,don't count on them teaching you crap.

    Here's a great hint to get the most out of that kind of training.

    They won't send you out with a muttonhead,but that rep will be busy trying to make a living while the rookie tags along...................unless they will get something out of it......................Super salespeople are motivated by one thing that drives them.....thier EGO . Most people would automaticaly think it's money,but the commissions are just a salve for thier enormouse egos............Put quite simply,if you stroke thier egos,they will regurgitate every sales pearl they can think of to impress you further.

    I'm so envious.

    If you run across the name Zig Ziglar you'll find alot of interesting stories.
    I closed on what was at that time thier new corporate office,in Carollton TX for coffee services. That was one hell of a tough crowd for a demo.I was so skkeeered

    Let me know what your up to. I would like to give you what advice I can.
  9. by   renerian
    Peeps what a funny post.............yep I call em window witches.....

    The good thing about the taging along part is the person I would be going with is a good friend of mine who would also be my supervisor. The company puts you up in a hotel, pays for your transportation and food and such for training and to explain the company ya da da ya da da.............big smile.......

    Going to have the conversation this afternoon........

    Thanks for some books from the library. Big egos huh.........I always thought it was the money.......hmmmm.

  10. by   Peeps Mcarthur
    Sounds like a company that follows success like Cain's coffee.

    If you've worked with them before and especially if they were your supervisor at the other job,then you can just concentrate on closing.

    That's outstanding.

    Do you have a probationary period?

    Does one need a BSN or an equivalent bachelors for consideration..............or is this on a referrence from an insider.

    That's how Cain's picked thier sales people normaly,but I just wouldn't go away. They hired me for my persistance alone. Up until then I had only sold breadmakers at Montgomery ward.

    I only recieved a commission on an appliance if I sold a $25 service agreement......I recieved 50 cents. I guess they figured anything they had was a step up from a 2% commission.
  11. by   renerian
    I did not realize people make commission on sales contracts for service???/sheesh am I niave or what????????

    No there is no college degree just a history of sales performance which I think since they know me are going out on the fact I did do some cold calling and that does not bother me......

  12. by   Peeps Mcarthur
    Any cold calling experience is good experience,especially if you managed to make a living somehow.

    If you can sell coldcalling,you've got the goods.......period.

    Adapting to the new climate of customer needs and wants is all you gotta do.

    Plug it in.

    I did a quick search of medical sales and pharm on 50 grand base median??

    Holy crap!

    I've been the top salesperson everywhere I worked and I never made that kind of lettuce.

    .......................uhmmm...........the difference between wiping someones butt and kissing it seems to be about 20 grand base:chuckle
  13. by   renerian
    MIne is offering 40 base plus 3% commission. I was happy with that........YES my friend is in pharm sales and his base is 60k!!!! Let me tell you he is dressed to kill!!!!!!!!!!! LOL.

    I am talking to them hammering out something right now.....I will keep you posted lol

  14. by   Peeps Mcarthur

    Yea I'd like to know what you end up wringing out of them.

    If my grades drop,as I suspect all this psychology crap is going to facilitate,then getting to the masters level where you can make a living, will not be a possibillity for me.

    From what I saw from my short search,an associates degree and a track record to compensate for the lack of a higher degree would get my foot in almost anywhere.

    Now it's back to the salt mines for me!!

    Remember,this is your time of greatest leverage.....get what you want.

    Close 'em.