Salary Question

  1. Do all nursing positions make the same amount of money?
    If example, after I get my nursing degree (Associates) and start working in a hospital would a ER nurse get different pay from someone working in the ICU?
    Or if I was a nurse in one deartment and switched to another is there a pay change or is a nurse salary the same no matter where you work in the hospital?
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  3. by   EricJRN
    Generally, all RN's within a hospital have very similar starting salaries regardless of degree or unit. Sometimes you'll see a hospital that pays critical care nurses a dollar or two more than floor nurses, or that pays nurses on inpatient units slightly more than the clinic nurses. Some offer increased pay for a BSN, but the difference is usually fairly small.
  4. by   elizabells
    Shift differential is where it makes the most difference, at least at my hospital.
  5. by   azor
    i think specialty pay differs but i dont know of my hospital.i have a sis-in-law that are been payed more in Neworleans cos she is NICU nurse.She said their hospital offered med-surg nurses more money just to encourage nurses not to run from med-surg but i think it all depend on the hospital and their modus-operandi.But in which ever case,following ones dream is the way to go so as to be happy in what you are doing.
  6. by   NewRN2008
    I know where i am there are differentials for shift as well as for floors. its within a few $ of each other, unless is like a NICU like the last "post-er person" said. flight nurse makes more, i know that!! lol..
  7. by   carrie13
    Most of the community hospitals around me start all new grads at the same rate regardless of department. Experienced nurses might be a little different since there is a little more room to negotiate salary. I have heard of some hospitals having different starting rates for ADN-vs-BSN nurses and extra differentials for maintaining certifications.