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Hey all, Just wanted some extra opinions on a situation - I'm still what some would consider a "new" nurse with less than 5 years experience. I've been employed at a primary and urgent care... Read More

  1. by   noahsmama
    If you're being promoted, then you should get more pay, not less - period! Whatever you're making now, add 15% to it and tell her that you won't accept a penny less for a job with more responsibility -- then if you must, let her talk to you down to a smaller pay increase (say 5%).

    If she says no, suggest she offer the job to her mother.

    Seriously, if she doesn't value you enough to offer you what you're worth, do you really want to work for?
  2. by   Jenni811
    Quote from roser13
    I don't understand - what are you in disbelief of? $30/hour is pretty standard.....
    i was gonna say...our RNs are making 30-36/hour with experience. Im getting 26/hour as a new grad. (hospital)
  3. by   KareBear0609
    I make more than that working as a CNA!!!
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    Oops typo. I was in a hurry. I meant an RN making less than $30 being a suprise. Here is Oregon, the pay is pretty great. As an LPN I am making $18. I am going to get my RN for the 35 to 40 starting wage...