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KristyBRN's thread on this topic is very interesting. She has heard that many RNs are first borns of alcoholic fathers. I thought we could use a quantitative poll on the subject.- *Please add any... Read More

  1. by   cruisin_woodward
    middle child, father alcoholic
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  2. by   mixyRN
    First born child of a non-alcoholic father or mother, from a nuclear family!
    I bet I am a rare breed.
  3. by   whipping girl in 07
    Only child...that I'm aware of.

    I'm adopted, so I may possibly have birth brothers/sisters and alcoholic birth parents...

    But the parents who raised me are tee-totalers and I only know of one alcoholic in my mom's family, none in my dad's...
  4. by   Meriwhen
    First born of an alcoholic dad...but I think that had nothing to do with things--otherwise I would have become a nurse 15 years sooner when I first graduated.
  5. by   SecondGenRN
    Youngest of 4 kids, parents still married, neither are alcoholics
  6. by   FLmomof5
    I 'voted' for my sister.....first born of a functional alcoholic father.

    However, that being said.....my mom is a nurse, first born no alcoholics in her parentage. My brother is fourth born and an RN and I, the second born, will be an RN in a little over a year.
  7. by   RochesterRN-BSN
    I have to say it dissapoints me to see NURSES referring to someone as "crazy"......if we are ever going to stop the stigma we have to start with those in the health care business. It's really not PC. Mentally Ill....is oaky but crazy is not. It's really derogative and disrespectful to the mental health community......... sorry but that just drives me nuts and like I said if we are ever going to change the public view of the mentally ill it has to start with all of us.
  8. by   island40
    SAHM the correct term for "mom who was crazy" is co-dependent. Dempather explained it fairly well. That is why Lois W. started Al-Anon shortly after her husband Bill W. started AA. Addiction is a family disease because the people who love an addicted person learn behaviors that are unhealthy in response to the behavior of the addicted person. I am an adult child of an alcoholic who is an adult child of an alcoholic who is.... (My father is an alcoholic and so is my grandfather and his father....) The addiction is the relief from the problem which is life.
  9. by   finallyfound10
    I' m studying to be an RN now. This is so interesting and sad too.

    I am the first born daughter. Father alcoholic. Mother (deceased) very codependent and so are my younger sister and I. My sister also is probably an alcoholic whereas I don't touch the stuff.
  10. by   loriangel14
    Youngest of seven children.Loving teetotaller parents.
  11. by   geekgolightly
    I picked other

    First born of four kids. Mother is paranoid schizophrenic. I wish the poll were "impaired" rather than alcoholic, because impairment of any kind encourages the first born to take over.
  12. by   motivated2nurse
    I am the eldest child and my mom is BIPOLAR.
  13. by   HonestRN
    Birth order gets kind of crazy in my family....2 older sisters, I am a second born twin and have a sister 7 years younger. Hmmm middle child? Last born? Anyway father abandoned ship when I was about 2. Mother is daughter of alcoholic father who committed suicide when she was 7. Mother drank but not enough to be considered an alcoholic but was very (strong understatement) controlling.