RN's after gastric bypass

  1. For those of you who had this, what procedure and how long before you were able to handle Med-Surg type of work?
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  3. by   nursemary9

    I had a Laproscopic Gastric Sleeve Surgery; I had surgery on March 16, last year. The Corporation I work for gave me 8 weeks off--I was getting short term disability during that time. That was PLENTY of time--I probably didn't need that much time.

    I work on a VERY BUSY, high acuity, med/surg--hem/onc unit.

    Hope this helps; are you thinking of having gastric surgery?
  4. by   cinja
    Yes, thinking about it is almost done. I am not sure if the band or Roux-Y procedure will work for me. I am liking the simplicity of the band but like the results with Roux-y. If anybody has had either please way (weigh hahaha) in.
  5. by   ICUadmirer

    there is a great support site "www.obesityhelp.com", there are quite a few nurses there. me personally, I am going to have the lapband procedure at the end of May. I went for labwork Friday, and go for my Psych eval Monday, and PCP Eval Tuesday of next week, and hopefully I wil get a date etched in stone next week. Good luck. That website I listed above is really great, and will answer lots of questions you may have. My OH name is "Meltaway" if you're ever logged on.
  6. by   midcom
    I'm still a student & wasn't even in school when I had my Lap RNY 3 years ago. I was out of work for 3 weeks and then given a 10 lb lifting limit for another 3 weeks. Many of my friends went back to work at 2 weeks but they surely weren't lifting & turning patients.
  7. by   DoubleblessedRN
    I'm not a nurse (yet) but I was a paramedic when I had RNY done in 2000 and lost 110#. I was off for 12 weeks, but it should have been only 8. (I had to have another surgery that was GYN related that my surgeon discovered, but didn't fix because it wasn't potentially life threatening.) I didn't work on a M/S floor, but I did work in the ambulances, which required lifting 100+ #. I am happy with the results and still don't regret having it done after all these years, but it's not without complications. I have malabsorption of iron and loss of intrinsic factor, so I am severely anemic. Last year, some of my lab values were: Hgb: 8.5; Hct: 25%, Ferritin: 4;, iron sat: 3%; MCH: 18; and TIBC was in the 400's. My RBC was WNL. I had to have quite a few IV's of iron. And admittedly, I have regained about 25# from not always watching what I eat.
  8. by   stonette
    I had a "hand assisted laparascopic" RNY in 2004. On day 4 post-op (before leaving the hospital,) I developed an intestinal obstruction from kinked bowel, which required re-operation in an open fashion. So essentially I had an open RNY. I lost 130# with a 15# regain from my lowest wt. It was the *best* thing I have ever done for myself, and I would do it again in a heartbeat! From size 24W to 6-8, and I feel so much better! I was working in L&D/Perinatal, and was ready to go back after 8 wks. I changed to Hospice nursing (because of back problems) and love it. The above website is great for information and support....both are vital to a good outcome. Good luck with your chosen procedure!!!!