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Hi Everyone, I have been a nurse for six years and have always wanted to use it as a stepping stone to study medicine. However, throughout the years marriage and family came into view, and, of... Read More

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    Hi Everyone,

    I have been a nurse for six years and have always wanted to use it as a stepping stone to study medicine. However, throughout the years marriage and family came into view, and, of course, my dream of studying medicine was placed on the back burner and to add I'm 30 years old! Now that I am in college doing my BSN, I am now thinking of doing the necessary pre-med courses to give it a go, but was very much put down by my nursing advisor. I told her of my plans to go into medicine and she threw a fit at me for wanting to jump the fence! She said she thought it best for me to aim for the nurse practitioner instead, and that she thought too that I may not be able to study medicine as I needed to bring up my grades! Now that I'm thoroughly put off by this woman's advice/attitude, I was wondering if anyone can tell me if there are any nurses out there who have actually made the jump? Also, is the nurse practitioner option a better choice? If anyone has any websites they can direct me to for advice I'd appreciate it. Thanks in advance for replies.
    It is not only possible, but POSSIBLE!!! To heck with what your nursing instructor said. If you feel in your gut that you would make a fine doctor, then go for it! If you can't walk to the beat of your own drum, then why walk at all! I let my dream of becoming a doctor be pushed to the wayside because of other people, and I wish I had not listened to them or allowed their behaviors to influence my decision not to become a doctor. How motivated are you to become a doctor? How pulled towards that profession are you? Do you 'eat, sleep, and breath it' more than you do nursing or anything else you dream of becoming? If the answer is yes, yes, yes, then go, go, go to med school! :kiss
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    I definately say go for it. I have been a nurse for four years and I am always struggling with the decision about going to medical school, it is something I have wanted to do for a long time too. However, I also want to have a family, and that is the one thing that has made me think twice. I see these docs who put in so many hours, sure they get paid well, but when do they get to spend time with their families. I would say weigh your pros and cons and go for it. I too think that an RN would make an excellent physician.
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    I must say that I am sooooooo pleased to have found this thread!! I decided to go for LVN, as sort of a stepping stone in the med field....My next goal is, DO if not PA
    when I mentioned this to one of my instructors, her comment was how Med schools looked down on prior nurses, simply because of our way of thinking......I must say how intrigued I was to learn about DO's, it was something I hadnt come across.
    The Osteopathic motto, "treat the whole pt AND the disease".......
    Now, why cant MD's think this way?
    must also add.......I LOVE this site
    when i was a little girl, i always dreamed of being a doctor or a nurse. i didn't dream that i would ever become a nurse because i was one of those...what people called...slow in some areas. i used to have to go for special tutoring in math, reading comprehension, grammar & spelling...well i still can't spell for sh*t...lol!!! anyway, my point is that i worked hard to develop those lacking skills in order to achieve my goals. who knows, one day, i too might even go for medical school...after all...what do you call the person who graduates dead last in medical school...doctor!!!

    seriously, you would make a wonderful md/do because as a nurse, you've been taught to care for your patient's total needs...physically, emotionally, & sometimes, spiritually...you are their advocate...that would never cease once you become a doctor.

    and your handwriting would be :wink2: legible too!!! heeeeeheeeeee.

    good luck in whatever you decide...us nurses here @allnurses.com will support you whole heartily :blushkiss!!!
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    A doc I work with was an LPN, RN, PA before he finished his internal med residency at age 46. He is mean and nasty and downright abusive to the patients and nurses,

    He must have been a rotten nurse.
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    and your handwriting would be :wink2: legible too!!! heeeeeheeeeee.