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Hello Everyone. Now I am 6 weeks into RN classes. I am forced to be succesful at: clinicals, lecture and labs. The other students are all nervous, like me, and it's tense. Often I feel sad... Read More

  1. by   chinaway
    I intend to give you an angel, but the website has something wrong.

    keep trying, life will smile to you.
  2. by   bagladyrn
    Mario - Do your instructors allow taping of their lectures, or are some of your study materials available on tape in the library? If so, you could combine study time with exercise time by using a walkman. I did this with lectures while commuting - it does help.
  3. by   KarafromPhilly
    One thing I noticed about some classmates was that they seemed to use much of their brain power to make new material as complex and difficult and intimidating as possible. As a result, quite a few people were total bundles of nerves. IMHO, it is a valuable skill in itself to be able to look at new material and simplify, simplify, simplify. Rather than attempting to grasp ALL the details AT ONE TIME, look at the gist of the thing and ask yourself, "How does this fit with what I already know?" If you think about it in those terms, the stuff really does make sense, and is much easier. If you keep telling yourself how tremendously difficult it all is, and that you may never really understand, you're creating your own destiny. At best, you will never feel completely confident in your skills and new knowledge. Make it easy on yourself!
  4. by   remail99
    Nursing school curriculum is challenging. My best advise is get organized in your studies. Make a checklist of the to-do's and prioritize them. And always- If an instructor assigns homework, even if you think it won't be graded or collected, complete the assisgnment (and to the best of your ability). Even if it's not for a grade, the professor is probably hinting that you will see the material again on a test.

    Good luck to you!
  5. by   Tweety
    Don't have much to add that hasn't already been said, except that I definately feel your pain. You brought back memories of ten years ago. But if you can live through nursing school, you can live through anything your demanding/rewarding career is going to throw out you. Hang in there and best of luck!
  6. by   adrienurse
    One more jem:

    Nursing school is tough, but then again, nurses need to be tough people.
  7. by   Gardengal

    I'm happy that you are joining the profession. Sure, nursing school is tough, but you're tougher. As an RN with 20+ years experience I still remember those early school days, even though I would have wished to forget some of it. I was my own worst enemy.

    I grew up in a family of overachievers who always got As on everything (If they wanted to). I had to work for mine...and boy did I work! I finally realized that I felt better, did better and enjoyed myself more when I recognized that al I needed to do was to pass to be able to sit an take boards at the end of school. Once I wasn't shooting for the As and just trying to learn I got Bs without much trouble.

    The key is to learn the prime objectives and concepts and be able to apply from one concept to another. Memorization really wasn't the answer. Really learn and understand the A&P. It will help to explain almost everything in the long run. You are a step ahead of many by being a CNA. I bet some of the RNs you work with would be able to help you by sharing some of their expertise.

    Good Luck-we're all rooting for you!
  8. by   shavsha
    I so know how you feel. I think one of the reasons nursing school is so hard is because NURSES CARE! We want to be perfect for our patients. We never want to be unprepared or make mistakes. We realize that we are not sacking groceries or crunching numbers...we are caring for precious human beings. But we also need to remember WE ARE PRECIOUS HUMAN BEINGS TOO. Sometimes even now when I am struggling with the learning curve (and the learning is continual, even after graduation) I try to remember how I learned to drive a stick shift. Remember the starts and sputters? Remember the first time you went up a huge hill and instead of riding the gas you pushed in the clutch and there just so happened to be someone right behind you? What seemed impossible then is now automatic...and so will all these new skills and knowledge. You already know so much more than you realize. Every day, as you learn more things you continue to build the foundation for a great nursing career. YOU ARE ALREADY A WONDERFUL PERSON. That cannot be taught in any nursing school and it cannot be taken away from you. Just remind yourself all the time "Someday my skills will catch up to my heart. Until then I will do the best I can under my unique circumstances". That is all anyone can ask of you including yourself. HANG IN THERE and keep posting...if you have the time
  9. by   mspringer

    It's tough, but there is light at the end of the tunnel <i think> hehe! Can anyone tell me when we start realizing what dept. we might want to work in? I have seen a few, but there are things I like about all of them. Its seems like I like all of them in there own special way.


  10. by   abrenrn
    Mario -

    I've read through some of this thread (not in it's entirety howevere, so these are impressions).

    I am so happy you started this thread. You are going through a very hard time right now. Most of us have. Learning how to go through it without getting depressed, angry or bitter was something I wish I had during school myself - career change, some help financially (not much though), working as a nurses aide.

    I'm glad I got through it, though. Whenever I work with CNAs, I know what it's like for them. I hear people stressing, I know what it's like.

    Remember: pity is not the same as recognizing you are having a difficult time. They may seem the same at times, they are not.

    When you think of what you are doing as difficult, you can also say - "hey, I'm doing it, though."

    Nothing I can add to all that has been said, other than that.

    I hope you do well Mario. I find so many people who end up with depression, anger, confusion, hostility. With this forum, you may prevent any of those from happening to you. You are also giving a voice to others who are having probems and the opportunity for us old-timers to share how we got through it.

    Keep it up!!!
  11. by   abrenrn
    Sorry, I always think of something else.

    I think it can be harder for men in nursing - sometimes they deal with weird stuff. A classmate of mine, when asked if he was going to be a male nurse, would respond, "Well, yes. I'm studying to be a nurse, I'm not planning a sex change operation, so, I suppose I will be a male nurse."

    If you want to laugh at the whole thing, watch "Meet the Parents" - it says a lot about perceptions of nursing as a whole, men in nursing in specific.

    And, if you ever run into trouble on a regular med-surg floor, just work psych or rehab.

    I know it may seem that is only to have your size and strength exploited. The psych and rehab units I worked on had more guys then most. Some were stronger, some weren't. I mean, if you have more muscles, cool, we can use them. We're not stupid enough to abuse it, though. Just like you only go to the really good sticker when you can't do it yourself, you go to the one with the strenght of strenght when you can't do it yourself. So, really, I've never seen guys "used" for their muscles.

    What I do see on these units are nurses who know a good nurse when they see one. If you can help in physical strenght areas, great. If not, who cares, if you're a good nurse?
  12. by   beaRNwhenIgroUP
    so mario...is your avatar a "johnathan livingston seagull" thing???

    i am going crazy in school too...i feel like i am so negative all of the time - so, i keep trying to check myself when the negativity escapes my mouth - TRYING being the operative word there

    anyhoooo, keep your chin up, thanks for posting the thread, and keep me (i'd like to say us - but can't speak for everyone) posted! it is nice to know we're not alone

    one more thing (((((mario)))))

    ok, one more thing :angel2:
  13. by   abrenrn
    Not yet full grown RN, but on your way,

    Keep checking. When you think negative, say it here - sometimes better than bottling up I think.