RN pay in other states - page 2

Can anyone tell me what RN's make per hour in states like Texas, Georgia, Oregon and Washington? CA is soooo expensive , but the pay here for beginning nurses is in the mid thirties, and goes up to... Read More

  1. by   NursefromNY

    hope all is well, what are the state funded hospitals? did you hear about Orange Park Medical?
  2. by   chuck1234
    MY regular job...13 days a month...with a year experience in med-surg...currently working in the ICU...I make $63k a year...
    Plus 2 days a week for an agency...it pays me $500/shift...or $1000 for two days or $52,000 a year and only 2 days a week without benefit...not bad.
    Totally, >$100K a year.