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I have a BS in Business and was 3/4 of the way through an MA in Psychology program before noting the jobs are just not there. I have applied to three nursing programs: 1 RN program at a community... Read More

  1. by   healingtouchRN
    the school that choses you will be your blessing & theirs too. Don't let the paper work get you down, it's just hoops to jump thru, so jump for now. You'll do fine, we are here for you, waiting for you to get finished & help us navigate the information highway!!! :roll
  2. by   SmallTexan
    Originally posted by KristinWW
    I have a BS in Business and was 3/4 of the way through an MA in Psychology program before noting the jobs are just not there.
    HA ! You sound like me. I'm almost finished with a MA in Counseling and boy are you right.... the jobs aren't there. In my area you have to be bilingual to even have a decent chance at a job. I couldn't even get a job teaching at a Community college. So here I am .. interested in nursing. I feel like I can help more people this way anyway -- Counseling just wasn't for me. So many people just don't WANT help. :stone
  3. by   KristinWW

    LOL - did you get the SW vs. Psych discussions in class? Hello - why didn't anyone tell us that before we began??? What a disgrace - even the PhD folks can't survive.

    I didn't mind the people with the shoulder chips. It's just hard to love what you do when no one will pay you to do it. I adored college counseling, but then have always enjoyed the adolescent/adult pop vs. children.

    Wish you luck!
  4. by   KristinWW
    Suz, not the paperwork getting to me - just the agony of wasting yet another year of pre-reqs on a lottery system. I was never a gambler
  5. by   SmallTexan
    Well... let's see. I got a BS in PSY and a MA in counseling (almost finished, I've come this far, and I can't start nursing school til 04 so I might as well finish up). Anyway, my main goal was to 1)work in a hospital or nursing home 2) maybe teach at a CC --- I found out about 3/4 into my MA that SWs do all the jobs I was interested in, and then some. Not to mention in order to get an LPC in TX you have to be supervised for 2 years which means paying someone $100+ a week for supervision.

    Again, I feel like I could help more people and touch more lives with nursing. Not to mention the hours are a hell of alot better (I'm a night person) and the pay in CNSLING sucks. My last 2 interviews were $7/hourly and $7.63 hourly.
  6. by   bennie
    I found it easier to go for the BSN accelerated prog - 16 month program . The college I went to called it the second degree program. Find a program that will accept most of your courses from your previous degree and you may find a program that will let you complete your BSN in a year.
    Good luck to you.
  7. by   hogan4736
    I have a BS in psych...Got me nowhere...

    I wanted an ADN, but the community colleges had waiting lists (in the mid 90s) for their nursing programs...

    So I got my BSN at a small private (Baptist) university - NO waiting

    My point?

    I'd still be a great nurse w/ my ADN, but would have less school loans!

    The person makes the nurse, NOT the education...

    Let the flaming begin...

    P.S. Admittedly, I wish I had encountered an accelerated program at the time, but I knew of none...

    Check out the Regent's program (sp?)

    I have a friend that graduated from it...A great ER nurse!
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  8. by   healingtouchRN
    I have some friends who got their degrees at Ivy league schools, & private schools, & boy did they have loans to pay back (or mommie did). I guess my point is that they don't make anymore than I do @ my public school in my home town, plus I got 2 scholarships. (I did do some grad .cont. ed. @ an Ivy league school in Mass, it was fun, & again I had someone else foot the bill )!
  9. by   eltrip
    Originally posted by KristinWW
    eltrip and healingtouch, can I adopt you? I needed to hear that today!

    Between trying to find work in the healthcare field (and I HAVE experience) and reading the odds of nursing school admission, I'm having a hard time pulling my chin off the floor. At this point I'll take whatever program accepts me, if any.
    Okay, sure! Never can have too much family!

    Another idea...have you considered distance education? On-line programs? They are out there...just look & see! Of course, you'd have to work out your clinicals, but if you're motivated, it can be done!
  10. by   KristinWW
    Hee, I'm chuckling over the ex-psych folks like me Had two long discussions today with an ADN and an accelerated - now leaning toward the accelerated even though it will cost $$$$$. Hey you only live once!

    And yes, $7/hour sounds about right for the psych - go figure. I researched my practicum site very carefully before doing the contract. Heard horror stories from my colleagues about violence and pay. Nice to know how many dollars were thrown away on the Masters program.....